WCPE About Us: Meet the Announcer


Meet the Announcer

WCPE relies on both staff and volunteer announcers to provide you with Great Classical Music 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. There are over two dozen announcers at WCPE whose voices don't always give an indication of the faces they belong to...

Lyle Adley-Warrick (v)
Substitute Announcer

Ed Amend (v)
Sunday nights "Wave Lengths/Peaceful Reflections"

Jonathan Bailey (v)
Sunday afternoons, "Weekend Classics"

David Ballantyne
Weekday mornings, "Rise and Shine!"

Alex Beary (v)
Saturday afternoons "Weekend Classics"

Curtis Brothers
Substitute announcer

(v) = WCPE Volunteer

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Phil Davis Campbell
Weeknights, “Sleepers Awake!”

Bob Chapman
"WCPE Opera House" and Thursday night host of "Music in the Night"

Jay Comi (v)
Substitute Announcer

Bill Dix (v)
Substitute announcer

George Douglas (v)
"Renaissance Fare"

Warner Hall (v)
Tuesday evenings, "WCPE Concert Hall"

Helen Halva (v)
Saturday Mornings “Weekend Classics”

David Wayne Hamelin (v)
"Monday Night at The Symphony" & "Music in the Night" Mondays & Tuesdays"

Larry Hedlund (v)
Wednesday evenings, "WCPE Concert Hall"

Stanley Ray Hoffman (v)
Substitute Announcer

Andy Huber (v)
Monday evenings, "Monday Night at the Symphony"

Bruce Huffine (v)
Early Sunday mornings "Weekend Classics"

Greysolynne Hyman (v)
Substitute announcer

Haydn Jones (v)
"Saturday Evening Request Program"

Rob Kennedy
Sunday mornings "Great Sacred Music"

Joyce Kidd (v)
Saturday afternoons, "Weekend Classics"

Tanya Leigh (v)
Substitute announcer

Kelly Marie(v)
Substitute Announcer

Bruce Matheny(v)
Substitute Announcer

Dan McHugh
“Weekend Classics”, "Classical Café"

Carol McPherson (v)
Substitute Announcer

Jonny Pierce
Traffic, Substitute Announcer

Juergen Rathgeber (v)
Friday evenings, "WCPE Concert Hall"

Alex Ruzzier
Substitute Announcer

Patty Smith-Pearce (v)
Substitute announcer

Dave Stackowicz (v)
Wednesdays, “Music in the Night”

Dick Storck
Program Director, Weekday evenings,“Allegro”

Steve Thebes (v)
Sunday evenings "Preview!"

Sherman Wallace
Weekends, “Sleepers Awake”

Scott Will (v)
Substitute announcer

William Woltz
Music Director