Contractors’ Registration at The Classical Station


To: Area Businesses and Tradesmen
By: Deborah S. Proctor
Re: Help Wanted

Special Project Help List

From time-to-time WCPE 89.7 FM, The Classical Station, needs help with different projects. We are located in Northeast Wake County in between Wake Forest and Rolesville at 1928 Chalks Road. If you live or work in the area, we’re the ones with that tall tower with the white aviation lights.

We’d like to develop relationships with more businesses and tradesmen who we can come to trust and call upon whenever we need their services. A few who enjoy Great Classical Music work for free, some for parts and supplies, most however are small businesses and charge what they must and we do not have a problem with paying a just price for good work.

For instance, we have a good HVAC father and son team who have a family business. I call them first for home and for the station when we have problems. They are very reasonable in their pricing. We want other professionals like them who live nearby to help us with various projects.

We would like to build up a database of people whom we can call when we have needs from time to time. Please mail us your materials (hard copy is much easier; far too many e-mails!). Include a business card if you have one. The mailing address is at the end of the list. Thank You!

Ongoing and Time-to-Time Work Opportunities

WCPE 89.7 FM, the classical music station, has several ongoing and periodic work projects which we need assistance. Here is where we could use some help.

*** Indicates Immediate Interest

*** Carpenter for small jobs, wood working, cabinet work.

Cleanup, Yard, a team who can clean up multiple years of construction debris from several different tower work and construction projects whose workers have left the tower steel and aluminum left-overs scattered date about. You’ll need to be able to haul off items for metal recycling and some to the county disposal area.

Day Laborers for odd jobs here and there when we need some heavy lifting and moving; we’ll keep your phone number on file. For instance, work items would be building some beams and reinforce with junk concrete or rip-rap to protect our tower anchors from heavy rain washout; and, a crew that can go around our acreage and clean up the accumulated mess hidden in the woods and haul it off for us.

Diesel Technician, to assist with two Caterpillar D343 engines, 425 HP, 1,800 RPM, 250,000 Watt Generators, maintenance and improvements.

Electrical or Radio Engineers, retired or active, volunteer or paid, who can help us with all the various odds and ends, and are experienced, respectful, cautious, and careful working with lethal high voltage, high power, broadcast and power equipment.

Fence repair and upgrade, and installation of several thousand yards of deer fencing.

*** Gravel driveway and parking lot maintenance, regrading and gravel replenishment a couple of times a year, and who can take care of snow clearing when a big one hits.

Handyman, building maintenance, painting, building electrical fixture upkeep, general items.

Masonry, brick, and concrete work, small scale.

Printed Circuit Board layout for etching, drilling, plating, etc. Single to dozen quantities.

*** Plumbing for kitchen and rest room rework, small jobs to major plumbing for replacement of all the plumbing on our transmitter building.

*** Utility Pole Installation (no high voltage), a team who can plant a dozen utility poles for lighting and antennas; used poles will be fine.

** Sign Posting, a team who can plant several dozen sign posts and affix warning signs, directional signs, various legal signs like Handicapped Parking, FCC/FAA tower registration data signs, warnings, and so forth.

Tektronix, HP, and other test instrument repair and recalibration. Requires good electronics knowledge from individual components to TTL and CMOS LSI and unusual circuit configuration.

Tree removal, kudzu clearing, tree thinning, several acres.

Trenching, a team who can trench in several thousand yards of conduit and fiber lines.

Well Drilling, a team to drill a couple of wells into several fractures and install jet pumps and a potable water filter system.

Sending a “real” letter and business card is much easier for us. To Get on Our “Call Me First” list, please send a short note about yourself and how you could help our radio station to us at:

Call Me First List
WCPE Radio 89.7 FM
1928 Chalk Road
Post Office Box 828
Wake Forest, NC 27588

We neither promote, elevate, feature, or highlight; nor repress, discourage, hinder, or restrict any individual or group; based upon their physical traits, attributes, or features; including their religion, gender, ancestral origin, or racial background.