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A universal requirement of all staff members is maintaining the operation of a 24/7 around-the-clock non-profit broadcasting facility consistent with each individual’s knowledge and skills of the wide range of tasks required in a small business, where all assist with varying tasks and responsibilities as business needs require.

Finally, additional positive personal attributes include devotion to the Mission of the Station, a love classical music, working knowledge of languages common to classical music (for announcer positions), experience with non-profit organizations, and any other skills, avocations, and experience which one wishes to share with the Station and its supporters.

Strict adherence to safety protocols and Federal, State, county, Local, and Station rules and regulations is required. Because our Station is on the air 24/7, work at any time and/or day may be required. Must have excellent interpersonal skills and work well in a team environment. Workplace is the Station. Position may be either part-time or full-time.

The ability to work independently in the absence of supervision, to understand and follow oral and written instructions, and to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, is required.

The ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work, including listeners and donors, is required; included are skills such as language, spelling, and grammar.

Physical abilities to successfully fulfill the job duties and responsibilities is required.

All positions require physical presence at the Station unless otherwise noted.

To apply for a position, please send a cover letter and your resumé to

We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

Promotions Manager:

Type: Half-time to possible full-time

The Promotions Manager will be responsible for demonstratively growing our National listenership as a Great Classical MusicGrand Opera, and Great Sacred Music broadcast service, especially in areas where there is no regional classical music radio station.

The individual will also coordinate collaborative fundraising benefits and performances with other area non-profits, such as a ticketed dinner gala event featuring a ballet or opera performance at a regional venue.

Participating organizations may include ballet groups; chamber music groups; duets, trios, quartets, quintets; classical music groups; opera companies; symphony orchestras; theater groups; and, visiting performing groups. Each would contribute their individual expertise to the group effort. The event would be ticketed. After the expenses are deducted, the participants share the proceeds; all would benefit.

This position requires significant non-profit and educational organization experience; advertising and promotions expertise; an excellent working knowledge of the Triangle Area and its non-profit organizations; and, significant media experience. The successful candidate will be an energetic, creative, spirited, and self-motivated individual with the ability to find opportunities for the station to capitalize on the opportunities present in Central North Carolina and Southside Virginia. Senior citizens and retirees are encouraged to apply.

The position will remain open only for a limited time; a prompt and speedy response is strongly recommended. This is a half-time position which could be combined with another current or future Station position to create a full-time opportunity.

Posted: April 8, 2024 Remove: April 24, 2024

Website Supervisor

Type: Half-time with possibility of full-time

The Website Supervisor will be responsible for the editorial and visual content of the website to keep it accurate, updated, and ultimately increase the rank of the website among other classical music sites.

The Supervisor will ensure functionality, readability, and utility of the website for our donors and listeners; update and keep topics current and accurate; improve the user experience; increase user visits and duration of visits; test compatibility across different platforms; test security measures; work to increase search engine optimization; enhance site visibility; and, enhance the appeal of the website.

The target website user is an older, educated adult, a current or future listener who appreciates our format’s range of music. The visual and editorial aspects of the site are to reflect the longstanding and traditional style of Great Classical Music, Grand Opera, and Great Sacred Music.

The successful applicant will have a working knowledge of the musical periods within our format range; and work with station staff to promote the station’s music, programs, and promotional efforts.

The Supervisor will regularly monitor and test the website to discover and correct flaws and problems; enhance speed search ability; and analyze and improve performance. The site will be kept current, topical, free of aged and inactive items, and work with the website hosting administrator to quickly resolve all problems and concerns.

Excellent creative skills, graphic design skills, teamwork skills, communication ability, and organization skills are required. The Supervisor must be proficient in editing and proofreading material, with excellent language skills, collaboration abilities, and the ability to meet deadlines. Website skills and experience are required. Experience in broadcasting or electronic media is a significant plus. Senior citizens and retirees are encouraged to apply.

The position will remain open only for a limited time, a prompt and speedy response is strongly recommended. This is a half-time position which could be combined with another current or future Station position to create a full-time opportunity.

Posted: April 12, 2024. Remove: April 24, 2024.

Program Operations Manager:

Type: Full-time or Part-time

Program Operations Manager Position – All applications due by March 28, 2024

The Classical Station is seeking a Program Operations Manager, who will adhere to the vision of the Station for our on-air product, ensuring that it appeals to the targeted demographic of a 55+ audience who enjoys Great Classical Music, Great Sacred Music, and Grand Opera. The presentation style is without fluff or excess verbiage, and is presented in a mature and respectful manner.

This position includes the supervision of the on-air sound and professional presentation style of the Station’s announcing staff, announcer supervision and management, announcer training and talent enhancement, maintaining and growing announcers’ quality and professional performance, shift scheduling ensuring 24/7 staffing, adherence to Station broadcast policies and requirements, and their adherence to the needs of the Station’s audience, as well as the needs of the other Station employees.

The Program Operations Manager will supervise all announcers, and have, in addition to management skills, all of the skills and talents which the staff being managed is required to possess, so that the Manager can mentor and improve the announcing staff. For example:

Announcers reporting to this position have duties including playing the music as directed and selected, reading Station scripts and announcements as required, operating the on-air console, monitoring the Station audio and transmissions continuously, answering phone lines, and being the first contact with the listening audience. Announcers will perform other non-broadcast activities, such as donor correspondence, Station facilities upkeep, and other tasks for other Station employees as requested.

Announcers must have good computer literacy, must properly operate the audio control board, continuously maintain proper program volume levels, ensure proper timing of programs and musical presentations, and other programming elements essential
to the smooth operations of broadcast materials as scheduled. They must maintain a Transmitter Log, a Program Log, and a Special Announcement Log in accordance with Station Policies. They must monitor multiple internet streams for proper operation, and ready the next day’s backup materials. They must have enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude, and be willing to help in other areas with cooperative enthusiasm.

The Program Operations Manager must ensure that all announcers, whether employees or volunteers, adhere to and maintain the highest Station standards. This includes joint
monitoring with the Music Director of each member of the announcing staff. The continued success of the Station depends upon the diligence and supervision of the Station sound.

This may be a full-time or part-time position depending upon the additional talents and value-added benefits of the applicant. Broadcast professionals are encouraged to apply, including retirees and senior citizens with real world experience.

The position remains open until filled; however, applicants are urged to file in a timely manner. The position reports to the General Manager, who prefers hard copy mailed to the Station. The attributes of the submitted materials will determine the applicants advanced to the next stage of the hiring selection process.

Posted: February 28, 2024

Maintenance Technician:

Type: Full-time or Part-time

The Station seeks a candidate who enjoys keeping a facility looking good on both the inside and the outside. This position also consists of general maintenance of air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems including lighting and basic maintenance of building structure. A “green thumb” is a plus; we have a big lot to keep in good shape. Explain why you feel you would be an asset to the Station.

Experienced Electrical Engineer

Type: Full-time or Part-time

Job Summary: Experience and working knowledge of power systems which operate at high voltages and power levels such as diesel electric generators and broadcast transmitters. Circuit troubleshooting and repair of analog and digital broadcast equipment to the component level is required. Possessing an extra class amateur radio license or demonstrating equivalent experience in electrical equipment maintenance is required. Explain why you feel you would be an asset to the station.

Electrical Technician:

Type: Full-time or Part-time

Mid-level experience and working knowledge of electrical systems and their components, building systems and mechanical and electric code requirements, basic equipment design and construction, and repair of equipment at a medium complexity level is required. Experience in broadcasting or multi-media production is a plus. Explain why you feel you would be an asset to the Station.

Field Engineering Opportunities

The station seeks individuals for Field Engineer Maintenance Positions who can keep our 5,000 watt FM broadcast facilities in Bath and Manteo, NC, up and running; as well as our smaller 10 to 120 watt FM rebroadcast transmitters in the surrounding areas of Aberdeen, Buxton, Fayetteville, Foxfire, Frog Level, New Bern, Bassett Forks, and Danville. This can be a paid position for an individual or members of an Amateur Radio or Engineering Club. The station is also able to offer quid-pro-quo over-the-air promotion and publicity for a Club’s help.

Announcer Positions

The Classical Station is now considering applicants for part-time classical music program hosts. A myriad of positions are available from Morning, Evening, and Weekends!  Other work hours can be added as you may need.  Experienced announcers are encouraged to inquire.

This announcer must have a good voice, clear diction, and most importantly, precise pronunciation of classical music terms, and names of composers and artists.  This position requires the ability to present clear, informative and entertaining information to the audience. The announcer will prepare for broadcasts in advance, in areas of classical music topic research, fact-checking and script or show outline preparation.

This announcer will be responsible for the technical aspects of the program, such as working the control board, operating the 100,000 Watt transmitter, keeping the transmitter and programming logs and answering the phones.

Let us know your skills and other ways you may be of help to the station.  We value your experience and will continue to accept applications until the position is successfully filled.  To submit your resume or a description of how your experience can help The Classical Station, along with your compensation needs, email or mail The Classical Station, attn. Katherine Hill, Box 828 Wake Forest, NC 27588.

We neither promote, elevate, feature, or highlight; nor repress, discourage, hinder, or restrict any individual or group; based upon their physical traits, attributes, or features; including their religion, gender, ancestral origin, or racial background.