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Selected comments from listeners…

I really enjoy listening to Sleepers Awake. It is carried on our local Classical station, KUCO 90.1 FM, in Oklahoma City to fill the overnight hours. Thanks for all that you do to keep great Classical music alive. Appreciate it much!—Nyk from Oklahoma

You are an oasis in the desert of talk radio. Keep up the good work!—Judson from Greensboro, NC

Thank you for providing such cathartic music.—Blair from Cary, NC

I’m a better driver for having you on in the car.—Anthony from Bath, NC

The station is on 24 hours a day, in my home and in my car. Thank you so very much.—Sue from Raleigh, NC

This radio station makes my mom very happy, and we both enjoy listening to it. Thank you for being around!—Amy from Michigan

Our family listens to WCPE (as do our pets!). I love when a piece comes on that makes me stop what I am doing and just sit and listen for a few minutes. (It happened this past Sunday with the Brahms Requiem.) No matter how stressful or busy life can get, taking a few minutes to get lost in the beauty of music can make such a difference in my well-being. Thank you WCPE!—Laura from Raleigh, NC

I have been listening for almost 20 years and cannot imagine my day without this wonderful station!—Jennifer from Chapel Hill, NC

Your station is an absolute gift. I’ve listened to you for so many years. Thanks for being there for all of us Classical music enthusiasts!—Frederick from Washington, NC

I was late to appreciate Classical music but often listen to your station. I hear new (to me) music all the time. How lovely it is!—Nancy

I’ve been a listener to WCPE since I was about 7. I started composing around that time as well, and now I’m about to enter undergrad at Juilliard. This channel gave me a lot when I was younger and still does when I have time to listen!—Phil from Winston-Salem, NC

Thank you beyond words for all the beauty!—Elizabeth and Henry from Roxboro, NC

Wonderful music and my 3 kids (16, 19, 21) like it as well. Thanks!—Carl from Raleigh, NC

WCPE is a daily part of my life. At home and in my car, I look forward to the calming, relaxing Classical music.—Judith from Raleigh, NC

I love Great Sacred Music and the Saturday night requests. Also, your app is easy to use for those of us who no longer live in your listening area.—Sarah from Nelson, British Columbia

Much appreciate your local station and the Web access. I listen from several area on [the] East Coast & on the road. Keep up the great work. Thanks.—Donald from Sanford, NC

Thanks so much for all of the beautiful requests you have played for us on the Saturday Evening Request Program! Dogs can donate, too….so spread the “ruffs” that great classical music is a treasure and needs to be supported!—Mickey and Millie from Wake Forest, NC

Thank you for broadcasting the Met Opera – WDAV, which I listen to on the radio, does not!—Marjory from Blowing Rock, NC

WCPE is our go-to station on-line. We are grateful for your commitment to classical music and happy to hear the live announcers every day.—Larry & Cindy from Salem, Wisconsin

Really appreciate the fantastic music. It helps me survive my daily commute.—Ralton from Louisburg, NC

I have listened to our station for a number of years, thanks to the Internet. I live in Hong Kong.—Melville from Wan Chai, Hong Kong