Mike Huber

I was born in Cleveland but grew up in Cincinnati, so I’m a Buckeye and a Reds fan. I came to NC in 1978 after attending MIT and working in the computer field in Massachusetts, and I currently work in network security.

I was listening to WCPE at home one evening early in 1980. WCPE played classical music only from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. in those days, and there wasn’t any classical music on anywhere else. I heard a typical announcement seeking volunteers who were willing to learn to be announcers, and I thought, “Why not try it? I can listen to the music there as well as at home, and maybe I’ll get to pick some of the selections.” So I showed up and found out it was fun as well as useful.

I like most types of classical music, with Wagner being my favorite composer. And as a former horn player, I’m partial to horn music as well as brass in general.

I enjoy reading, and for exercise I enjoy running, swimming, biking, and orienteering.