Mike Huber

I was born in Cleveland but grew up in Cincinnati, so I’m a Reds & Bengals fan.  I went to college at Miami University, which was founded in 1809 while Florida was still a Spanish possession.  I worked as an environmental engineer in a number of settings before coming to NC in 2017 after retirement to be close to my daughter and grandtwins.

I first learned about the Classical Station through my brother, Andy, who is one of the longest serving volunteers at the station.  When the station began streaming over the internet, I was able to listen on a regular basis. After moving to NC and visiting the station with Andy, I decided that I’d like to contribute as an announcer too. I’d done similar work as a reader at my church and as a reader to the blind on radio.

Classical music came to me after learning trombone in elementary school. I was in the High School Band starting in Jr. High.  Our band directors over the years brought us many classical composers including Liszt, Shostakovich, Wagner, R & J Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Mozart and Holst to name several.  There were even more while playing in my college band.

Vocal music involvement began during college as a Bass in the church choir. I’ve been blessed to sing the works of many choral masters including Bach, Mozart, Händel, Brahms, Cherubini, Rutter, Vivaldi, Haydn and others. 

For relaxation I enjoy reading, woodworking and sports, especially soccer. For exercise I enjoy biking. In my younger years I was a soccer referee working youth, adult, High School, College and a few low level professional matches.