Our Values, Vision, & Mission

WCPE’s Values

  • We believe in developing and sustaining a community of classical music lovers by nurturing, educating, and offering the human side of music.
  • We are committed to improving people’s lives through the sharing of classical music, providing excitement, joy, information, beauty, and stress relief.
  • We believe in being consistent and accessible in the variety of classical music we play.
  • We strive to be responsive to our listeners and available to them across time and location.
  • We value live, informed, interesting announcers who strive to nurture and maintain our relationship with our listeners.
  • We strive to find the good balance between talk and music.
  • We believe that our sustaining base of support should be our listeners.

WCPE’s Vision

We envision a continuously expanding worldwide interactive community of classical music listeners. Their lives are more fulfilled and complete because of the emotional, physical, and intellectual benefits that Great Classical Music brings.

WCPE’s Mission

WCPE’s mission is to expand the community of classical music lovers by sharing accessible classical music with everyone, everywhere, at any time. We entertain, educate, and engage our audience with informative announcers, programs, and publications. We strive to make it easy to appreciate and enjoy Great Classical Music.