Dr. Jay Pierson

Dr. Jay Pierson is the host of the Thursday Night Opera House. He is a graduate of Olivet College and the Eastman School of Music from which he earned his Masters and Doctorate degrees. Jay has enjoyed a career as a professional singer, teacher, pianist, conductor, composer, and harpist for over three decades. He has served on the faculties of Bucknell University, East Carolina University, and Santa Clara University and is presently a professor of voice at UNC. He has performed as a soloist with numerous orchestras, including our own North Carolina Symphony, and opera companies in the United States and abroad.

“I truly enjoy announcing for WCPE, as I have the opportunity to send out Great Classical Music, which is my life’s passion. It all started when my parents set me down in front of our stereo, at a very young age, and played Grofé’s Grand Canyon Suite. The thunder scared me and the donkeys made me laugh, but I loved all of it.”