Stocks and Bonds

Donating Stocks, Bonds, or Other Securities

WCPE will gladly accept donations of stocks, bonds, and other securities. Many matching gift companies will match donations of company stock as well as cash donations. Your Human Resources department is the best place to find answers to questions about company policies and practices.

If you have the certificates for the shares you wish to donate, you may simply sign them over to us and mail them.

Alternatively, we have accounts with Edward Jones and Davenport & Company. Your broker or account representative can arrange to have the securities transferred.

Our accounts are in the name of Educational Information Corporation, the 501 (C)3 corporation that owns and operates WCPE.

WCPE federal ID number: XJ56 106 1859
WCPE state ID number: 92-14083-26

Edward Jones

Colleen Lyons
10224 Durant Rd Suite 103
Raleigh, NC 27614

WCPE ID: 299-00337-1-0
DTC number: 0057

Davenport & Company, LLC
Jim Shearin
3605 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 390
Raleigh, NC 27612

WCPE gift account: 8643-3565
DTC number: 0715

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