Rebroadcast / Retransmisson Consent

Rebroadcast / Retransmisson Consent Authorization

It is the Mission of WCPE and The Classical Station (the “Station”) to make Great Classical Music, Grand Opera, and Great Sacred Music, available to everyone, everywhere, 24 hours a day.


Blanket approval, authorization, consent, license, permission, or privilege, without cost or obligation to the Station, is granted to any entity (commercial, domestic, foreign, hobby, non- commercial, religious, subscription, etc.) legally operating under the laws of its territory or jurisdiction, to broadcast, carry, rebroadcast, relay, retransmit, or transmit, the Station’s signal on their or other’s facilities, to listeners, public or private.

Permission is given to same entities above to provide carriage facilities, relay facilities, transmission facilities, or other means of dissemination of the Station’s signal to others to make our music available to the general public.

Our signal must be carried in real-time, without any deliberate temporal delay other than the inherent latency of certain transmission systems, and our signal cannot be recorded for any purpose.

17 US Code 114 allows the Station to publish an advance music listing, unfortunately, this authorization does not transfer to those carrying our programming. For those wishing to avail their listeners and users of our program schedule, a link to the appropriate section of our website is required. A “go-to then return” format is acceptable, but 114 does not permit you to copy and paste our upcoming music listings onto any other site.

17 US Code 114 also allows those carrying our signal to also carry the aural announcements we make in our broadcasts of our upcoming music and programs and its related information.

FCC 76.64 permits cable and video services to fill their idle pre-feed time with the Station’s music and programming.

FCC 73.653 permits television stations to fill their pre- program time with the Station’s music and programming.

FCC 73.879 unfortunately does not allow Low Power FM Stations (LPFMs) to carry our programming. LPFMs could petition the FCC for a special use waiver, if successful, you are welcome to carry our programming pursuant to your waiver’s terms.

The Station fully follows FCC regulations prohibiting calls to action promoting commercial enterprises. In accordance with applicable IRS and FCC rules, the Station does not fundraise or solicit on behalf of other entities.

Although it is left to you, we prefer that analog systems carry the Station in stereophonic, mono-compatible mode. For digital systems, we prefer for the Station to be carried in multiple data rates and multiple formats. If you charge for your service, we greatly prefer that you offer the Station to all on your basic tier, without surcharge, because the Station is free to you.

We pay our applicable copyright fees. You must pay your applicable copyright fees whether you carry us or not. You must have an agreement with the licensing agencies or you must rely on a statutory license. You are legally bound to verify your own situation.

If you carry the Station, you may use the Station’s logos and trademarks, service marks, and copyrights only in connection with publicity and promotion of the Station on your system.

We regret we are unable to grant permission in any form, to anyone, to copy and publish the text of our playlists. You may, however, create links to the playlists and then publish the links. If you would like more information, please contact us by phone at 919-556-5178 or by mail to The Classical Station, PO Box 828, Wake Forest, NC 27588.

The Station is offered without cost, and we intend to do our best to continue to make Great Classical Music available to everyone without cost or obligation.

As long as you do not use The Station’s signal in an illegal or derogatory manner, this permission remains in effect unless you are notified otherwise by us in writing.

Deborah S. Proctor
General Manager
Updated November 30, 2023

Addenda, effective March 4, 2022:

If you would like us to add a link to your site to our website, please contact us at

Addenda, effective December 2, 2011:

Metropolitan Opera: Broadcast stations and cable systems that rebroadcast WCPE and wish to carry programming from the Metropolitan Opera must annually obtain separate permission and registration from the Metropolitan Opera. Information about broadcast agreements may be obtained from the Metropolitan Opera by calling 212-799-3100.

Partner stations are asked to include our logo on their websites.