Spring Highlights 2023


Women’s History Month
Celebrate the accomplishments of women in classical music with a multi-faceted month of appreciation. Enjoy works written by historical composers Florence Price, Fanny Mendelssohn, Amy Beach, Clara Schumann, Élisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, Cécile Chaminade, and more. Listen for compositions of living artists like Caroline Shaw, Joan Tower, Charlotte Bray, and Tania León. And tune in for our series of interviews with women working in classical music today: Jennifer Higdon, Michelle di Russo, and Rachel Barton Pine.

March 20th
First Day of Spring
Spring has been a time of celebration since time immemorial, as warmer weather brings the natural world to exuberant life again. Listen for life-affirming works about the joys of nature from Beethoven, Delius, Vivaldi, and many more on this first full day of spring.

March 21st
Celebration: Johann Sebastian Bach
Along with Beethoven and Mozart, Bach is generally considered among the greatest musical minds to have ever lived. Our celebration will sample the vast array of works—solo, vocal, and those written for both large and small ensembles which demonstrate why Bach’s massive influence continues unabated, some three-and-a-half centuries after his birth.


April 5th
Today’s sunset marks the beginning of the eight-day festival of Passover. Our special program this evening features the music accompanying the story of the Exodus.

April 9th
In a special edition of Great Sacred Music, trumpets sound in J.S. Bach’s exuberant Easter Oratorio celebrating the Resurrection. Hector Berlioz’ monumental Te Deum, the premiere of which the New York Times reports “used 100 string players, 50 winds, 2 choirs of 100 each and a children’s choir of 600″—brings Easter morning to a thrilling conclusion.

April 29-30
Cinema Classics Weekend
As film music rises in popularity, more and more performers, composers, and ensembles are accepting the legitimacy of film composition as an art form, and are bringing these works—and their audiences—to the concert hall. Our Cinema Classics weekend will feature a wide range of classical works found in movies and music written specifically for the film.


May 6th-7th
A Celebration of Johannes Brahms and Peter Tchaikovsky
In an amusing coincidence of musical trivia, two titans of classical music, Brahms (1833) and Tchaikovsky (1840) were born on the same day only a few years apart. Our celebration will offer a close comparison of the two Romantics, as we hear their piano works, chamber music, concerti, and great symphonies performed throughout a special weekend of Great Classical Music.

May 29th
Memorial Day
Join The Classical Station for a special day of remembrance as we honor the sacrifices of the armed services and their families. Our playlist will include a selection of works from American composers and pieces befitting this national holiday.

May 31st
Invitation to the Dance
It is likely that dance and music developed together as art forms, and remain inseparable. We invite our listeners to celebrate the approach of summer with The Classical Station as we present works designed to make us jump, spin, twist and shake. Or, at the very least, to tap our toes.

Request Hours
For up to twelve hours each Friday and six hours every Saturday, The Classical Station invites our listeners to join the music department! Dedicate a favorite composition to someone across town or across the globe. Call or visit our app or website early in the week to reserve your place in The Classical Station’s program.