Fall Highlights 2022

Fall 2022

September 11th
Patriot Day

We will commemorate this day and remember those we lost twenty-one years ago with a selection of contemplative works, a moment of silence, and a special performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem in D minor.


Karl Abel
Fair use, Public Domain

September 20th
Lesser Known Bach and Beethoven. Mozart and Mendelssohn. Schumann and Schubert.

These are among the eternal composers whose works are heard regularly on stages and recordings around the world. Yet there exists a multitude of beautiful works written by less familiar musicians. Hear pieces from Karl Friedrich Abel, Anton Arensky, Sergei Lyapunov, and others, as we focus our attention on less-known but no less talented composers.

September 22nd
The Great Outdoors

Photo: Dale Marie Muller

Art and the outdoors have always been inextricably linked. During the Romantic Era, writers, painters, and musicians found that spending time in nature contributed to their creative process and that some of their experiences in wild settings can provide inspiration for their work. Find your own inspiration on the first day of Fall as we enjoy music inspired by nature.

September 24th-25th
Great Ballet Days

Photo: Russ Howe/Carolina Ballet

Great Ballet Days highlight the special relationship between classical music and dance with a weekend featuring the music of the great ballets. Selections from Tchaikovsky, Verdi, and Prokofiev are among the many ‘moving’ works to be heard, enjoyed, and even danced to during this celebration.

September 25
Rosh Roshanah
We observe the Jewish New Year with a special program hosted by Dr. Greysolynne Hyman at 6 p.m. Eastern. L’Shana Tovah tikatevu!

October 4
Yom Kippur
Western Wind begins our observance of the most solemn day in the Jewish religious calendar with The Birthday of the World, a program of music and traditions for the High Holy Days. Leonard Nimoy narrates. 6 p.m. Eastern.


October 6th
In the Beginning

Photo: iStockPhotos

Overtures and Preludes are the musical equivalents to the phrase “Once upon a Time.” Sometimes they serve to set the stage. Other times they suggest a general theme. Occasionally, a piece of music serves to tell the story, no matter how tragic and complex, all on its own. On our playlist are overtures by Rossini, Wagner, Verdi, and much more.

October 8th-9th
Film Today

Fair use, Public Domain

Classical music is alive and well in the movies. The ultimate programmatic music, film composers use any means necessary to achieve that most sacred goal of art-eliciting and enhancing emotion. Our special film weekend will include classic film scores all weekend and conclude with a special Film
Music edition of Preview!

October 21st-30th
Membership Drive

All of the music you hear on The Classical Station is made possible by our listeners. From programs like Rise and Shine to fun filled weekends like “Cinema Classics”, we are able to bring you the music we all love thanks to your generous support. Please join The Classical Station and renew your
membership as we play favorite compositions and feature selections from Thank-You gift CDs. You can support the station online at The Classical Station. Thanks for your support!

November 3rd
Best Ever

“Marsh Splendor” by James Melvin.
Inspired by Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D minor

What makes a work special to those who hear it? Why are the most famous melodies, movements, and motifs so enduring? A special program of the greatest and most popular pieces ever written won’t bring anyone any closer to answering those questions, but it might remind us of the first time we heard the music that would be with us for the rest of our lives.

November 21st
Para la Guitar

That other solo classical instrument, the guitar, gets a full day of highlights with six-string features ranging from the Renaissance to the late Romantic and beyond. You’ll hear guitar luminaries including Jason Vieux, Sharon Isbin, and David Starobin.


November 24th

The Classical Station celebrates a day of gratitude with a collection of works by American composers. Enjoy time with friends and family as we play works by Aaron Copland, Amy Beach, William Grant Still, and more.

Request Hours

For ten hours each Friday and six hours every Saturday, The Classical Station invites our listeners to request music that will be the highlight of their day. Let someone across town, or across the globe, know you’re thinking about them by dedicating a favorite composition. Call or visit our website early in the week to reserve your personal part of The Classical Station.