Larry Hedlund

With heavy hearts, we must relay the news from his family that Larry passed away on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. He will be missed.

In 1978, I moved from Columbia, MO (U of M), to Chapel Hill ( Duke U.). I am a classical music lover, licensed short-wave radio operator, and avid photographer. Shortly after our move to NC, I found WCPE and have listened to it ever since. But In 1991, I changed from just being a listener to being, a volunteer announcer. In those early days, I found, along with the CD players in the broadcast studio, that there were several unused turntables left over from the vinyl years. To select music to play, one used a “library”-styled case of 3×5 cards arranged by playtime and pulled the CD matching the card from the library.

Currently in 2020, the announcer sits beside a set of unused CD players and with a computer mouse and makes a selection of music to play on the monitor. All the regular program music is now on computer! No running to the library of several thousand CDs to pick one to stuff into a player. What has remained constant through all these changes is the broadcast of highest quality sound and variety of Great Classical Music that is introduced by a live classical music lover like one of our many listeners.

Also, during these years in North Carolina, I have had a very satisfying and productive career in the Duke University Medical School and retired in 2011 as Professor Emeritus of Radiology. I still work at Duke as an volunteer.