First 33 Years

Click on the cover to read our milestone 33 ⅓ brochure.

In 2011, WCPE Celebrated its First Third of a Century.

From the Letter from the General Manager, page 1:

“WCPE Radio has become a national resource for Great Classical Music, and our online listenership continues to grow despite my long-ago questioning—“Who is going to want to listen to radio over the Internet?” But now, people listen to us by streaming from from locations all over the world, like Paris, France; Pretoria, South Africa; and Wuhan, China.

Work on the station began in the mid-1970s. Because we had few funds, we built almost everything—audio board, level controllers, stereo generator, microwave (yes, our own TX-RX hop, with CP antennas), and even our own 12,500-watt transmitter and seven-bay antenna. All this work took more than three years. Back then, most professionals thought creating this station was impossible, except two I hold in esteem: Wade Hargrove and Jim Goodmon, both broadcasting legends today. Looking back, I honestly don’t know how we did it—it was against all odds. However, every step of the way, something was there to help us. Solutions to technical problems and items needed for success appeared when we needed them.

Did you know that WCPE ushered in the BBC to the United States? We were the first station to carry the BBC World News in the U.S., receiving it by shortwave. When this formerly free service to our partner stations became a paid service, the loss to us and our partner stations was even discussed in the House of Commons.”

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