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Have a question for a WCPE? It might be answered in our FAQ. If not, direct your concern to the appropriate person in the list below & we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

You may also contact us by mail, fax or phone:

Box 897
Wake Forest, NC 27588
919.556.9273 (FAX)

Music Programming

William Woltz
Music Director

Signal Reception
Satellite reception

John Graham
Engineering Services
Membership questions
Address changes
Stock Transfers
Missing Program Guides

Dan McHugh
Arts & Business Underwriting

Betty Madren,
Business Development Director

Thank You Gift questions

Jane O'Connor,
Volunteer & Thank You Gift Coordinator
Day Dedications
Internet Audio

Eric Maynard,
Cable services
Outreach and Media Contact

Curtis Brothers,
Outreach Director & Media Liaison
Great Sacred Music
Robert Kennedy
Great Sacred Music Host
Programs & Scheduling
Dick Storck
Program Director
Arts Announcements

Jonny Pierce
Station Policies
Deborah Proctor,
General Manager & Chief Engineer

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