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Have a question for a WCPE? It might be answered in our FAQ. If not, direct your concern to the appropriate person in the list below & we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

You may also contact us by mail, fax or phone:

Box 897
Wake Forest, NC 27588
919.556.9273 (FAX)

Questions Regarding: Direct to Staff Member:

Music Programming

William Woltz
Music Director

Signal Reception
Satellite reception

John Graham,
Engineering Services
Membership questions
Address changes
Stock Transfers
Missing Program Guides

Membership Department
Arts & Business Underwriting

Peter Blume,
Business Development Director
Thank You Gift questions
Jane O'Connor,
Volunteer & Thank You Gift Coordinator
Day Dedications
Internet Audio

Eric Maynard,
Cable services
Outreach and Media Contact

Curtis Brothers,
Outreach Director & Media Liaison
Great Sacred Music
Robert Kennedy
Great Sacred Music Host
Programs & Scheduling
Dick Storck,
Program Director
Arts Announcements

Tara Lynn,
Social Networking Director and Arts Liaison
Anything else
Station Policies
Deborah Proctor,
General Manager & Chief Engineer

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