Bo Degnan

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and raised in Winston-Salem. I moved to Cary in 2004. I’m married and have two kid. I work as a paramedic for Wake County EMS.

My musical background consists of some piano lessons in grade school and playing the trumpet in high school. However, I have always liked listening to classical music, starting in music appreciation classes in grade school. While I was growing up, my parents had a few classical music albums in their collection, and I liked to listen to them. The local NPR radio station played classical music but unfortunately not all the time. When I discovered WCPE, I was pleased to hear that they played classical music 24/7. The more I learned about the station and its history, the more came to love it.

I admired the accomplishments of the staff; from its humble origins using army surplus parts for its first transmitter to becoming the worldwide network it is today. I love that the station is completely independent.

When I’m not listening to classical music, I listen to classic rock, bluegrass, Celtic, and swing music of the 1940s.