Virtual Art Exhibit Gallery

Thanks so much to everyone who sent their submissions to
The Classical Station’s Virtual Art Exhibit!

There may be more to come, so keep checking back for more works of art.

"The Little Grand Piano" by Kerry Barnes

"The Dotty Cello" by Kerry Barnes

"Dogwood Blossoms" by Helen Tsui

"A Blessing" by Dana Stone, Inspired by
Violin Sonata No. 3, in C minor, Opus 45.
by Edvard Grieg. Played on The Classical Station on October 14, 2020

"Inner Space" by Alice May, inspired by classical music: "I thought I was the only one who had to have WCPE classical music station on to paint!!!"

"Gramaphone" by Sheron Jamel.

"Clouds" by Sherry Conrad Frye. "I love The Classical Station ... my artwork [and] the music I enjoy [...] are both inspiration of each other!"

"Ode to Cape Cod" by Patricia Victoria Basta. Inspired by Debussy’s La Mer.

"Gymnopides" by Peter Johnson. Inspired by Eric Satie's "Gymnopides".

Untitled by Kittie Davenport. "My living room on a Sunday afternoon. My new Estonia baby grand and my new Muramatsu flute.  Both waiting for me."

"Siegfried and the Dragon" by John ONeil. "65 years ago I was privileged to attend a performance of part of Richard Wagner's Cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen at the famous Wagner Festival in Bayreuth. That evening contributed to a life long appreciation and enjoyment of Wagner's music. So, I am pleased to present this photograph of a dragon, taken at the Festival of Lights in Cary NC because it reminds me of the fearsome task undertaken by Siegfried in his quest to kill the dragon Fafner and obtain the Tarnhelm and the Ring."

"Red Couch" by Balazs Szabo.

"Enigma Variation 1" by Rosemary Szczygiel. Inspired by the music of Sir Edward Elgar.

Untitled by Kittie Davenport. Inspired by Andre Myers flute solo Falling Skyward

Untitled by Emilio, age 6. His grandmother reports he was inspired by "Mozart. Emilio explains the red is for the loud crazy parts. The gold and silver are for the quiet delicate parts. The chalk green is in the beginning and the purple is the main theme."

"Banana Leaves" by Balazs Szabo

Female Swallowtail by Judith Magee. Inspired by Vivaldi's "Butterfly"

"Budapest Danube Magic" by Chris Penet. "Growing up in upstate NY often during the winter months, my mother would always play the piano for us after dinner and especially around the holidays. No matter the occasion, she always included one particular piece, her favorite- The Blue Danube Waltz. I grew up as a young man thinking that was the only piece of classical music there was! Her dream was to always see the Danube but alas, that never came to fruition. ... [but] my wife and I had the chance to visit Budapest and do a 7 day cruise on the Danube. ... [T]hese pictures, inspired by what my mother ingrained in me some 55+ years ago to me brings an aspect of my life full circle."

"Clayton" by Jim Johnson. Inspired by classical music: "WCPE plays in my office almost 24/7."

"The Fire Inside" by Carol Torian. Inspired by William Grant Still's "Symphony No. 1, Afro-American: I. Longing",  "Symphony No. 1, Afro-American: II. Sorrow" and "3 Visions: No. 2, Summerland"

"Beethoven as a Young Man" by Balazs Szabo

"Comfort to My People" by Carol Newman. Inspired by Handel’s Oratorio, The Messiah.

"Field of flowers" by Brenda LaPorte. Inspired by Beethoven's Symphony No. 6, op.68.

Orange Butterfly by Sherry Conrad Frye. "I love The Classical Station and listen often and am so thankful that I can submit my artwork to go along with the music I enjoy as they are both inspiration of each other!"

Mozarthaus and the Alps by Carol and Ed Bradley.

"Night on Bald Mountain" by Peter Johnson

Untitled by Dana Raymond. An interpretation of the first 12 frames/bars of Chopin's Funeral March

"Juliet as a Young Woman" contributed by Dana Stone.

Juliet as a Young Woman

I dreamed a dream last night
That tall torches —
they did glow,
to light the way
for my Romeo.

Come, gentle night, come.

Inspired by "Prokoviev, Romeo and Juliet, Opus 64.  The old photograph is from an album that my father kept during his teen years (early 1900's). Photographer and subject unknown."

Untitled by Kit Donner

"Sunflowers in a Garden" by Rhonda Harrell. Inspired by "Lay A Garland" by Harry Christopher and Robert Lucas Pearsall.

Untitled by Zoe Carmichael

Untitled hat by Rachel Pollock. Inspired by Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

"Flower Duet" by Patricia Victoria Basta. Inspired by Lakme’s "Flower Duet"

"The Dance of the Flowers" by Loretta Del Palazzo. "In the wilds of Umbria in Central Italy is a karstic plain called Piano Grande. In May, the valley of the plain, which stays moister, is covered for as far as the eye can see with wild Narcissi poeticus. Love the station."

"La Mer" by Ruta Schuller. Inspired by Debussy's La Mer (The Sea).

Untitled by Ray Martin. Inspired by "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven

"Hopeful Flowers 3" by Lynn Newman. "Bach's Cello Suites have especially resonated with me. Their calming influence and lyrical quality remind me of flowers - standards of beauty and hope."

Untitled by Brian Lockhart. "... Done while listening to The Moldau by Bedřich Smetana, and Bach. Bach is my favorite!!!"

Study for "Procession of the Sardar through the Great Gate of Kiev for a Dead Princess" - V.Kolonoskopi c.1878, by Rob Larson. Inspired by Pictures at an Exhibition.

"Great Gate of Kiev" by Reid Coyner. Inspired by "Pictures at an Exhibition"

Untitled by Aviva Oren, age 3 1/2. Inspired by The Creation: Part 1: Recitative: Die Vorstellung des Chaos by Joseph Haydn

"Dream 2" by Tim McClure by Tim McClure. "Panels which were made as a result of my interest in the Impressionist music of Faure, DeBussy, Ravel, Satie"

"Missa Solemnis" by Ann Witherspoon. "I am both a musician and a poet, so I have answered to two muses all my life."

"A Honeymoon Stroll with You" by Jessalyn Carpino. "I love listening to the classical station, especially when I paint. I particularly love your delicate, melancholy piano songs[...]. I'm a huge fan of Johannes Brahams and Frédéric Chopin. In particular this painting reminds me of ... "The Heart of a Multi-Petal Rose" - Stathis Skandalidis, Michalis Koumbios"

Untitled scene from Nags Head, NC, by Karin Ritter. "Not inspired by a specific classical piece however I listen to classical music almost exclusively when I paint."

"Viking Ship" by Sheron Jamel. Inspired by Edvard Grieg's Landkjenning (Land - Sighting), Op. 31

Untitled by Margaret Wiggins. "A view of Mt. Eiger, Switzerland. I always listen to WCPE whenever I paint, which is usually in the afternoon [...]. I get a special lift when the afternoon waltz is played."

"Epiphyllum oxypetalum" by Wayne Jacobs. "Inspiration:  One of my most favorite pieces of classical music, Camille Saint-Saens - "Aquarium."

Untitled by Laurel Wachtler. Inspired by Edvard Grieg’s "Morning Mood" from Peer Gynt

"Euterpe" by Allan Weaver

"Earth Wind and Fire" by Loretta Wilson. Inspired by Alexander Borodin's Prince Igor Polovtsian Dance No 17 (Dance of the Maidens)

"Waldstein 1 (Yellow)" by Rosemary Szczygiel. "Undoubtedly created in automatic response to listening intently to a radio broadcast of a recording of a live performance of Sonata No. 21 (Waldstein) by Ludwig von Beethoven."

Untitled by Rachel Kincaid. In response to "Life" by Ludovico Einaudi

"Paddleboarding" by Brenda Register. Inspired by "By the River" from The Florida Suite, by Frederick Delius

"Sutured Composition 12920" by Ian Griffin. "all of my mixed media artwork is made while listening to the Classical Station. [...] it figures so importantly into my work and my life in general."

"Topsail Beach Under the Pier" by Corina Rosiuta. "It reminded me of Debussy's "The Sunken Cathedral" (La Cathedrale Englutie). It looks to me like the sunken nave of a cathedral, a cross in the distance, with the greenish hues of the pillars..."

"Music to My Eyes" by Jeffrey Newell. "I have been listening to the classical station for many years now."

"La Tempesta di Mare" by Paul Ritsema. Inspired by Antonio Vivaldi's Concerti con Titoli - La Tempesta di Mare

Frog by Marlie Schmeer. Inspired by listening to classical music.

Untitled by Winston Sanford. Inspired by classical music.

"Movement, Tiffany Rose" by Alice Brown May. "I thought I was the only one who had to have WCPE classical music station on to paint!!!"

Untitled by Walter Bugel. Inspired by "An American in Paris"

"Wendell" by Jim Johnson. Inspired by classical music: "WCPE plays in my office almost 24/7."

"Magnolia Flower at the Art Museum" by Julie Tennant-Duff. "We listen every day."

"Fall flowers from my garden last year" by Janice Alexander. Inspired by Tchaikovsky’s “October.”

"Covid Ugly" by Sara Ella Greene. Inspired by Mozart's Requiem in D minor

Untitled by Linda Charlton. Inspired by Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor.

Untitled by Nancy Carty. Inspired by "The Waltz of the Flowers“ composed by Tchaikovsky

"Bass Clef Infinitum" by Tyler Vegetabile. Inspired by classical music in general: "I’m a huge fan of piano concertos and an aspiring musician so that was the inspiration."

"Nature" by Lizabeth Sermersheim. Inspired by Beethoven's 6th

"Afternoon Rain in Provence" by Gary Farlow

"52nd Street Blues" by John Warrener. Inspired by Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue'

"Zuiderzee" by Jane Hixson. Inspired by Debussy's "La Mer"

Boat by Adrienne DiFranco. "No matter how bad things get, with the music flowing through you, everything will be all right."

"Giacamo Puccini" by Gerard Catapano. Inspired by all Puccini's music, all his operatic works

"Coastline Pt. Reyes" by Ari Ferro. Inspired by Claude Debussy's La Mer

"Marsh Splendor" by James Melvin. Inspired by Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D minor