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Anonymous Source Reports Finding Beethoven's 10th!



WAKE FOREST, N.C. (April 01, 2009)—TheClassicalStation.org announces that an Anonymous Local Man has found what appears to be an original manuscript written in Beethoven's own hand, for his as-yet undiscovered 10th Symphony. The Anonymous man found the ancient work while rummaging around in an Anonymous Local Chief Engineer's Office.

“I had decided that I needed some of the additional documentation related to recent parts purchases for the Tower, so I just went and looked in [REDACTED]'s office - I knew she wouldn't mind. ”

“Lo and behold, up on a shelf of expense reports dating back to 1983, I find a sheaf of old parchments, bound with what appears to be a lock of hair and a crumbling note written in a sloppy hand, stating You mentioned on Twitter that you'd like to see this, so here you go, Love -L.”

As to the eventual fate of the manuscripts in question, the Anonymous Source mumbled something about “eBay, in the fullness of time” and also mentioned “Tahiti, Aruba and a 5-year-cruise in my 150-foot yacht. And No, I won't be taking my cell phone with me. Leave a voicemail about the engineering difficulty and I'll get back to you.”

Note: This comment was followed by a fifteen minute bout of maniacal, raucous laughter.

WCPE is fortunate to have local listeners and a community that finds us on the web from all over the world, and also have a terrific collective sense of humor.

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