From Deborah Proctor, General Manager

Dear Member and Friend of The Classical Station,

Deborah Proctor

WCPE has been alive with excitement and great anticipation this summer as we looked forward to sharing our Great Classical Music with listeners both here at home and around the world for 40 years!

WCPE began its 40th year in mid-July, and we've heard from many of our listeners. I want to thank you so very much for all of your kind words, generous "birthday" gifts and letters and stories telling us how much Great Classical Music has meant to you over the years.

40th Birthday Cake

Some even sent us birthday cards celebrating the start of this important year long event. After all, it isn't that often that a public radio station can claim success for so many years, faithful to one format, especially when that one format is Great Classical Music!

A surprising number of listeners sent in their first time gifts, saying that since we've been around for 40 years playing Great Classical Music, they thought it very likely we'd be around for another 40 years, so it was time they became contributors, too.


WCPE's Listeners Over the Years


Over the years, we've heard many stories from listeners describing how WCPE made an important difference to them. Once, a long-time couple decided to get married at the spur of the moment. They called us and we played the Wedding March while they were at the Justice of the Peace office. Husbands have phoned from birthing centers while their children were being born. Schools from Maine to as far away as South America have played WCPE for their students.

Our overnight Sleepers, Awake! program has reached and comforted many people during lonely hours in hospitals and at home after a family tragedy. Listeners tune in our station during celebratory times and special occasions -- everyone has a story; you probably do, too.

Remember, WCPE has been here over the years for all those people in all those places because you've been here for WCPE over the years. You should take pride in being a part of the story too, because none of this would have happened without your helping hand. Thank you for being here for us so we could be here for them!

The Importance of Internet Listeners to The Classical Station

If you think about it, the growing number of our Internet listeners is a proud tribute to our long term dedication to Great Classical Music! We've found it makes no difference if a new supporter of WCPE lives on the other side of the Country! He or she hears and enjoys the same Great Classical Music as you do; and you know: Every supporting Member of The Classical Station was once a first-time, brand-new, listener.

They experienced the same surprise and pleasure of finding this beautiful music just as you did. It takes a while between the time when someone first listens to The Classical Station to the time when they make their first gift to the station, but when new listeners realize that they really do enjoy and appreciate this great station and our wonderful staff and volunteers, they become supporting Members just like you. This happens every day now.

As we make our station available to more listeners, more listeners become new Members. Their support adds to yours and together you both help ensure that Great Classical Music always has a secure home at The Classical Station.

WCPE tower

Because of this, I believe the three most important things we can do today are: to make our Great Classical Music easily and universally available to everyone; to ensure that our service to our longstanding 89.7 FM listeners remains solid and uncompromised (The Classical Station is a service of WCPE Radio in central North Carolina) and, to diligently hold to the old values and trusted standards that made WCPE The Classical Station that we all enjoy!

YOU Can be an Ambassador for !

I don't know exactly how long it takes someone to go from being a first time listener to being a first time contributor, but I do know for sure that someone has to listen first. I also know that the best way for WCPE to gain new listeners is for you to be our "Ambassador" and tell others about us. If no one tells them about WCPE, or the very easy to remember URL , then it's all up to chance; let's not leave it to chance!


Today, it doesn't matter where your friends or associates live; they can listen on 89.7 FM if they live near our station. They can go to , click the "Listen Online" button and find out about our Apple and Android Apps, partner stations, mini-transmitters, and how to give your local public radio station our programming without cost or obligation!

Be an Ambassador for us! Take every opportunity you can to bring new folks to WCPE. When you are an Ambassador for WCPE, you get the pleasure of letting your friends and neighbors know where they can listen to wonderful music, introduced by live, informed announcers, 24 hours a day; nothing else is like it! Sharing Great Classical Music extends the WCPE family and ensures that our station and music will be here for the next generation to enjoy, too!

Thanks to You, No Summer Fund Drive this year!

I want to thank you for the great response to the summer mailouts, and directly because of that response, the total elimination of all on-air fundraising days this summer. I wish we could do the same in the fall, too, but we do have to hold some on-air fund drives to grow. First, the financial target for the fall is twice that of the summer, and it would be it very doubtful that we could meet that solely through the mail. Second, the focus of our fall drive is to encourage newer listeners to make their first gifts. We don't know who they are yet, so we can't mail to them! We must ask them to call in during a drive (most new Members make their first pledge during a drive.) So, our spring and fall drives are very important occasions for the station. And so that you can enjoy the drive too, we'll do our best to keep the talk to a minimum and play the most music possible. And the music we choose will be the best we have, so I hope you'll enjoy the ride!

The Fall Pledge Drive and This Letter:


In October, Fall Festival 2018 begins. We'll ask new listeners for their first- time contributions to help cover our expenses. Before the pledge drive actually begins, I want you to help us get a head start on our overall Goal for September through November of just under $490,000. There is a good reason to make your pledge of support now: We want to target our pledge drive to our newest listeners, to get them to become our Newest Supporters. It just makes sense; you know and value this service, so I'm asking for your support now, not waiting for the drive. This allows us to focus the drive towards our newest listeners.

When You answer the call now, You don't have to Make the Call later!

Take a look at the Thank You Gift flyer and decide what you want, and make your advance pledge now, to help us have the best fund drive possible. Remember, too, that you don't have to choose a gift now if you're undecided. You can always call in during the drive and tell us you've already pledged and your pledge can be used for your Thank You Gift at that time!

Our Celebratory Special Birthday Present for You!

WCPE Clock

We've been thinking about some birthday presents for you, and one of the best is The Classical Station -- WCPE 89.7 FM (which is our "parent" station in North Carolina) 40th Anniversary Desk Clock. Produced by the New Hampshire Clock Company, this fine clock is made of majestic cherry wood with a burgundy finish, and features a brass plate engraved with the WCPE Birthday Anniversary Date (the Internet wasn't even thought of way-back-then! This beautiful keepsake can be yours for a donation of $500.

Also new for the fall are a flip-top travel mug, a WCPE / The Classical Station baseball cap in a new royal blue color, and writing pen engraved with the station's logo. You can take a look at the cap and the pen on the Thank You! Gifts page of your website.

Would You Challenge Five New Listeners to Become Five New Donors?

I hope you will consider being an "Angel" during this Membership drive by making a challenge to five new listeners to become new Members of The Classical Station. We get more pledge calls during a challenge because can say "if you'll call in now with your pledge, our Angel will match your gift!" If this is familiar, it's because Angel Challenges really do work wonders.

If you're able, your challenge of $300 or $500 or $1,000 will inspire new listeners to pledge $60, $75, $100, or $200 and more. We've even had challenges made on the spur of the moment because new listeners heard someone else's challenge, and liked the idea of having their very first gift doubled!

Time and again, we've found that the best way to encourage new listeners to become new Members is to give them a challenge; to offer extra encouragement showing that their personal pledge is important and does significant good.

If the time is right for you, your special help during Fall Festival 2018 as an Angel would go a long way. We've found that pledges made to meet challenges are generally matched better than two to one -- it's a great way for you to speed the fundraiser toward ultimate success for the beautiful music you enjoy!

Just check off the "Angel Challenge" box on the Pledge Online secure section of our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Member Support Team during weekday business hours at (800) 556-5178. If you're in a good position in life, give some thought to making an Angel Challenge that will double the impact of your donation during the pledge drive and bring new Donors to The Classical Station!

YOUR support is VITAL to Us.

Only Listener Contributions Keep Us on the Air!

Think about how much you rely upon WCPE for Great Classical Music, and remember that The Classical Station relies on you just as much. As you reflect, aren't you glad you have such a cool and calm oasis of Great Classical Music right here for you when you want it? Our world seems to be running from one calamity to another, and bad news somewhere seems an everyday occurrence. Our service to you is a calm and soothing place made just for you; you know we'll be nearby when you need a peaceful moment.

To protect that moment, take the time right now to make your pledge. Your personal pledge says that Great Classical Music plays an important role in your quality of life, and that you value the service that The Classical Station provides for you.

Pledge on our website, now, while you're thinking about it! Your personal donation will help WCPE toward the pledge drive goal before Fall Festival 2018 even starts, and your gift will ensure that WCPE is able to continue to give you the highest quality classical music programming in the United States!


Deborah S. Proctor
General Manager

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PS: If you've already responded with your pledge of support. Thank you so very much — your help is very much appreciated! But if you haven't, please take a moment to act now!

You may contribute securely online here: Thank you for your steadfast support!

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