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“Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.”
— Igor Stravinsky


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Sleepers, Awake!00:01Buy Now!RavelDaphnis et Chloe: Suite No. 1Vienna Philharmonic/MaazelRCA68600090266860029
00:14Buy Now!RachmaninoffPiano Concerto No. 4 in G minor, Op. 40Hough/Dallas Symphony/LittonHyperion67501034571175010
00:39Buy Now!BachOboe Concerto in F, BWV 1053Black/Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/MarrinerBoston Skyline127030357012722
01:00Buy Now!SchubertGrand Duo in C, D. 812Indianapolis Symphony/LeppardKoss Classics2221021299022214
01:41Buy Now!ChaussonPoéme, Op. 25Stern/Paris Orchestra/BarenboimSony64501074646450123
02:00Buy Now!SanzSuite EspanolaAngel RomeroTelarc80213089408021329
02:20Buy Now!D'IndySymphony on a French Mountain Air, Op. 25Henriot-Schweitzer/Boston Symphony/MunchRCA680507863568052
02:47Buy Now!TchaikovskyVoyevode, Symphonic Ballad Op. 78Saint Louis Symphony/SlatkinRCA60432090266043224
02:59Buy Now!SibeliusValse triste, Op. 44 No. 1Danish National Radio Symphony/SegerstamChandos9055095115905524
03:06Buy Now!HaydnSymphony No. 083 in G minor, "The Hen"Amsterdam Baroque/KoopmanErato45807022924580727
03:30Buy Now!DeliusNorth Country SketchesUlster Orchestra/HandleyChandos8413N/A
04:00Buy Now!WagnerSiegfried's Rhine Journey ~ GotterdammerungChicago Symphony/ReinerBMG63301090266330126
04:14Buy Now!MussorgskyThe Old Castle ~ Pictures at an ExhibitionB. Marsalis/English Chamber Orchestra/LittonSony4212207464 42122 2
04:20Buy Now!DvorakPiano Trio No. 3 in F minor, Op. 65Han/Setzer/FinckelArtistLed11201633571120121
05:00Buy Now!MozartAdagio in E for Guitar and Orchestra, K. 261Romero/Academy SMF/BrownPhilips426 263028942626324
05:08Buy Now!FallaFour Dances ~ The Three-Cornered HatBerlin Radio Symphony/MaazelDG447 414028944741421
Rise and Shine!05:29Buy Now!HandelTrio Sonata in G minor, Op. 2 No. 5Heinz Holliger Wind EnsembleDenon7026N/A
05:40Buy Now!Bach, C.P.E.String Symphony in CEnglish Concert/PinnockArchiv415 300028941530028
05:51Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
06:01Buy Now!RossiniOverture ~ OtelloNational Philharmonic/ChaillyLondon443 850028944385021
06:09Buy Now!BlockxFlemish DancesBRT Philharmonic/RahbariMarco Polo8.22341873009934182
06:24Buy Now!PurcellMusick in DioclesianTafelmusik/LamonSony66169074646616925
06:37Buy Now!SarasateGypsy Airs, Op. 20 (Zigeunerweisen)Perlman/Pittsburgh Symphony/PrevinWarner Classics093905099940939025
06:47Buy Now!DebussyArabesque No. 1B. Marsalis/English Chamber Orchestra/LittonSony4212207464 42122 2
06:53Buy Now!ChopinNocturne in E, Op. 62 No. 2Benno MoiseiwitschPhilips456 90728945690728
07:00Buy Now!OffenbachOverture ~ Orpheus in the UnderworldDetroit Symphony/ParayMercury434 332028943433228
07:10Buy Now!BachSonata in G for Recorder and HarpsichordPetri/PetriRCA Red Seal774907863577492
07:23Buy Now!SchubertFinale ~ Symphony No. 9 in C, D. 944 "Great"MET Opera Orchestra/LevineDG0019094028948105533
07:35Buy Now!HaydnPiano Trio No. 6 in FMendelssohn Piano TrioCentaur3191044747319124
07:46Buy Now!Benda, JiriSymphony No. 4 in FPrague Chamber Orchestra/BendaNaxos8.553408730099440820
07:55Buy Now!BernsteinOverture ~ CandideBournemouth Symphony/LittonWarner Classics01902956558770190295655877
08:01Buy Now!HolstSecond Suite in F, Op. 28 No. 2Cleveland Symphonic Winds/FennellTelarc80038N/A
08:13Buy Now!Vivaldi2nd mvt (Largo) ~ Four Seasons, WinterMa/Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra/KoopmanSony90916827969091623
08:16Buy Now!BolzoniMinuetBoston Pops/FiedlerRCA68793090266879328
08:20Buy Now!WaldteufelEstudiantinaSlovak State Philharmonic/WalterNaxoswww.theclassicalstation.orgn/a
08:29Buy Now!Beethoven2nd mvt (Scene by the Brook) ~ Symphony No. 6 in F, Op. 68 "Pastoral"Minnesota Orchestra/VanskaBis1825/267318591825265
08:42Buy Now!GranadosSpanish Dance No. 12, "Arabesca"Angel & Celedonio RomeroTelarc80216089408021626
08:48Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
09:01Buy Now!GershwinRhapsody in BlueKempf/Bergen Philharmonic/LittonBis19407318599919409
09:18Buy Now!BoccheriniCello Concerto No. 9 in B flat, Arr. GrutzmacherHarnoy/I Solisti Veneti/ScimoneRCA61228090266122820
09:40Buy Now!MozartSymphony No. 28 in C, K. 200Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/MarrinerPhilips422 610028942250222
Classical Café10:00Buy Now!VorisekSymphony in D, Op. 24Scottish Chamber Orchestra/MackerrasHyperion66800034571168005
10:29Buy Now!SchumannGrand Sonata No. 3 in F minor, Op. 14Vladimir HorowitzRCA6680078635668025
11:00Buy Now!TchaikovskySuite ~ Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66Dallas Symphony/LittonDelos3196013491319629
11:30Buy Now!PurcellSonata in FKing's ConsortVivat1060799439114685
11:39Buy Now!MozartSuite ~ The Marriage of Figaro (for winds)London Symphonic Band/SnashallSony4825907464482592
11:49Buy Now!WeberOverture ~ Der FreischutzDresden State Orchestra/SinopoliDG449 216028944921625
12:00Buy Now!SchubertImpromptu in B flat, D. 935 No. 3Marc-Andre HamelinHyperion68213034571282138
12:12Buy Now!BeckSinfonia in B flatNorthern Chamber Orchestra/WardNaxos8.553790730099479028
12:27Buy Now!Strauss Jr.Vienna Blood WaltzVienna Philharmonic/MehtaSony88697952062886979520622
12:38Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
12:49Buy Now!VivaldiConcerto in G minor for 2 Violins & Cello, Op. 3 No. 2I MusiciPhilips412 12802894121282
As You Like It13:01Buy Now!RachmaninoffRhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43Hough/Dallas Symphony/LittonHyperion67501034571175010
13:26Buy Now!VerdiPrelude ~ La traviata, Act INational Philharmonic/BonyngeDecca475 8087028947580850
13:32Buy Now!Bach, W.F.Overture in G minorViolins of the King/LabadieDorian90239053479023926
13:54Buy Now!Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on GreensleevesBBC Philharmonic/HandleyChandos241-35095115243527
14:00Buy Now!Scarlatti, A.Concerto No. 1 in F minorI MusiciPhilips434 160028943416023
14:10Buy Now!Strauss, R.Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme SuiteChicago Symphony/ReinerRCA572107863557212
14:42Buy Now!DvorakSonatina in G, Op. 100Perlman/SandersEMI47399077774739924
15:02Buy Now!RodrigoFantasia for a GentlemanParkening/Royal Philharmonic/LittonEMI5546650208314551270
15:25Buy Now!GlinkaGrand Sextet in E flatCapricornhyperion66163N/A
15:52Buy Now!LiadovKikimora, Op. 63BBC Symphony/TitovBBCMM256n/a
Allegro!16:01Buy Now!SchubertImpromptu in A flat, D. 935 No. 2HaefligerSony53108n/a
16:09Buy Now!TelemannOverture ~ Suite in D for Trumpet and StringsBurns/American Concerto OrchestraDorian80132751758013223
16:15Buy Now!MozartAdagio in D ~ Cassation, K. 63Schroeder/Amsterdam Mozart Ensemble/BruggenSony60110074646011027
16:24Buy Now!DebussyFetes ~ NocturnesFrench National Radio and TV Orchestra/MartinonEMI75526724357552622
16:32Buy Now!Beethoven4th mvt (Rondo) ~ Violin Sonata No. 5 in F, Op. 24 "Spring"Vengerov/GolanTeldec17045706301704523
16:39Buy Now!Hanson2nd mvt (Andante tranquillo) ~ Symphony No. 3Seattle Symphony/SchwarzDelos3092013491309224
16:49Buy Now!VivaldiConcerto in G minor for violin & cello, RV 812 (arr for 2 cellos)J&J Lloyd Webber/European Union CO/HofmannNaxos8.573374747313337477
17:01Buy Now!FauréPavane, Op. 50B. Marsalis/English Chamber Orchestra/LittonSony4212207464 42122 2
17:08Buy Now!Mendelssohn3rd mvt (Scherzo) ~ Octet in E flat, Op. 20Boston Symphony/MunchRCA Victor71616828767161624
17:13Buy Now!CherubiniOverture ~ The Portuguese HotelAcademy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/MarrinerEMI54438077775443820
17:23Buy Now!Haydn2nd mvt (Andante) ~ Symphony No. 094 in G, "Surprise"Capella Istropolitana/WordsworthNaxos8.550035-6730099503525
17:30Buy Now!FucikWinter Storm WaltzCzech Philharmonic/NeumanTeldec8.42337N/A
17:42Buy Now!AlbinoniTrumpet Concerto in B flat, Op. 7 No. 3Carroll/Concerto Rotterdam/FriesenVox902404716390242
17:51Buy Now!BachSonata in D, BWV 963Angela HewittHyperion67499D 153376
18:01Buy Now!WagnerPrelude to Act 1 ~ LohengrinCleveland Orchestra/Welser-MostDG477 8773028947787730
18:09Buy Now!Mozart1st mvt (Molto allegro) ~ Symphony No. 30 in D, K. 202Vienna Philharmonic/LevineDG419 146028941914620
18:18Buy Now!Bach, C.P.E.Harp Sonata in GUrsula HolligerPhilips442 592028944259223
18:30Buy Now!BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 20 in G, Op. 49 No. 2Alfred BrendelPhilips412 577N/A - Comp. Beeth. Sonatas
18:40Buy Now!Fill Music to Opera House: anncr selects
18:50Buy Now!OffenbachOverture to a Grand OrchestraCincinnati Pops/KunzelMMG1002204716300222
WCPE Opera House18:59Buy Now!WCPE Opera House: Rossini, Il Viaggio A Reims
Music in the Night22:00Buy Now!DebussyIsle of JoyB. Marsalis/English Chamber Orchestra/LittonSony4212207464 42122 2
22:08Buy Now!FooteSecond Suite for Piano, Op. 30Virginia EskinNortheastern223n/a
22:21Buy Now!HaydnCassation in C for Lute and StringsLindberg/Drottningholm Baroque EnsembleBIS3607318590003602
22:39Buy Now!MozartPiano Sonata No. 8 in A minor, K. 310Alfred BrendelPhilips289 473 689028947368922
23:00Buy Now!LindsayJerusalem ~ Remembrance SuiteRoyal Scottish National Orchestra/LawsonMozie0605024545704723
23:09Buy Now!SchubertString Quartet No. 10 in E flat, D. 87Smetana QuartetTestament1119749677111922
23:32Buy Now!SchumannSix Etudes in the form of a Canon, Op. 56Argerich/ZilbersteinWarner Classics8256462854950825646285495
23:49Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects