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“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”
— Leonard Bernstein


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Sleepers, Awake!00:01Buy Now!HoffstetterSerenade (Andante cantabile)Kodaly QuartetNaxos8.558180636943818022
00:07Buy Now!MozartRondo in D, K. 485Alicia de LarrochaRCA Red Seal60453090266045327
00:14Buy Now!BeethovenSymphony No. 3 in E flat, Op. 55 "Eroica"London Classical Players/NorringtonEMI49101077774910125
01:00Buy Now!RavelRapsodie espagnoleParis Orchestra/MartinonEMI75526724357552622
01:17Buy Now!AbelSymphony No. 6 in E flatCantilena/ShepherdChandos86485014682864824
01:31Buy Now!BrahmsPiano Trio No. 2 in C, Op. 87Beaux Arts TrioPhilips Digital Classics416 838028941683823
02:00Buy Now!RossiniUna voce poco fa ~ Il barbiere di SivigliaBerganza/London Philharmonic/AbbadoDeccaB0015661028947829478
02:07Buy Now!BachChromatic Fantasy and Fugue in D minor, BWV 903Leon FleisherVanguard Classics1796699675179622
02:20Buy Now!TchaikovskyString Quartet No. 3 in E flat minor, Op. 30Borodin QuartetEMI49775077774977524
03:00Buy Now!MendelssohnOverture ~ A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Op. 21Bamberg Symphony/FlorRCA79050786357905
From the "Violin Concertos Collection", a 2018 compilation of Joseph Swensen's long association with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. It's a ThankYou CD for your sustaining pledge of $20/mo. ($240). TheClassicalStation.org03:13Buy Now!DvorakViolin Concerto in A minor, Op. 53Swensen/Scottish Chamber OrchestraLinn614691062061476
03:46Buy Now!MagnardOverture for Orchestra, Op. 10Orchestra of the Toulouse Capitole/PlassonEMI49080077774908023
03:59Buy Now!SchumannSymphony No. 2 in C, Op. 61SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony/NorringtonHanssler Classic93.0114010276011200
04:39Buy Now!SchubertImpromptu in G flat, D. 899 No. 3Myung-Whun ChungECM481 0765028948107650
04:48Buy Now!VivaldiQuartet in C for Winds and ContinuoCamerata of CologneHarmonia Mundi77018054727701825
04:59Buy Now!MozartOverture ~ Mitridate, King of Pontus, K. 87Calgary Philharmonic/BernardiCBC5149059582514924
05:06Buy Now!SibeliusTapiola, Op. 112San Francisco Symphony/BlomstedtLondon433 81002894338102
05:27Buy Now!RachmaninoffYouth SymphonyRoyal Concertgebouw Orchestra/AshkenazyLondon410 231028941023124
05:38Buy Now!BachFrench Suite No. 4 in E flat, BWV 815GouldSony4226707464422672
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Weekend Classics!06:00Buy Now!HaydnSymphony No. 104 in D, "London"SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony/NorringtonHanssler Classic93.0114010276011200
06:28Buy Now!TchaikovskyCzardas (Hungarian Dance) ~ Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act IIIBerlin Philharmonic/RostropovichDG429 097028942909724
06:33Buy Now!DittersdorfSymphony in G, "The Transformation of Actaeon into a Stag"Failoni Orchestra/GmurNaxos8.553368730099436823
06:59Buy Now!MozartPiano Concerto No. 24 in C minor, K. 491Frantz/Bamberg Symphony/FlorEurodisc6900009478690002
07:31Buy Now!VivaldiCello Concerto in D minor, RV 406Harnoy/Toronto Chamber Orch/RobinsonRCA60155090266015528
07:43Buy Now!Strauss Jr.Overture ~ Die FledermausJohann Strauss Orchestra Vienna/FrancekLaserLight15 619018111561921
07:53Buy Now!BizetL'amour est un oiseau rebelle (Habanera) ~ CarmenBerganza/Ambrosian Singers/London Symphony Orchestra/AbbadoDG479 3590028947935902
07:59Buy Now!RossiniOverture ~ SemiramideLondon Classical Players/NorringtonEMI54091077775409123
08:13Buy Now!ZavateriConcerto No. 10 in D, "Pastoral"Von der Goltz/Taubl/Freiburg Baroque OrchestraDHM77352054727735226
08:25Buy Now!MendelssohnString Symphony No. 07 in D minorSphinx Virtuosi/GuptonWhite Pine Music227700261321967
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Spring Membership Drive09:00Buy Now!ChopinPolonaise in A flat, Op. 53 "Heroic"Piotr AnderszewskiVirgin Classics7307565099973075622
From "Beethoven" - a 3-disc thank-you CD for your sustaining pledge of $10/month in support of Great Classical Music (or $120). TheClassicalStation.org09:11Buy Now!BeethovenOverture ~ The Creatures of Prometheus, Op. 43Orpheus Chamber OrchestraDG/Decca29402028948404377
09:19Buy Now!SukToward A New Life, Festival MarchCzech Philharmonic/NeumanSupraphon11 06248596911062425
From "Beethoven" 3-disc thank-you CD09:28Buy Now!Beethoven4th mvt (Allegro) ~ String Quartet No. 2 in G, Op. 18 No. 2Melos QuartetDG/Decca29402028948404377
09:36Buy Now!DvorakSlavonic Dance in A flat, Op. 72 No. 8Royal Philharmonic/DoratiLondon411 735028941173522
From "Beethoven" 3-disc thank-you CD09:44Buy Now!Beethoven4th mvt (Allegro molto) ~ Symphony No. 2 in D, Op. 36Chicago Symphony/SoltiDG/Decca29402028948404377
09:54Buy Now!FallaSpanish Dance ~ La vida breveSitkovetsky/CaninoOrfeo048831n/a
09:59Buy Now!DelibesPrelude and Mazurka ~ CoppeliaBerlin Philharmonic/KarajanDG423 215028942321526
From "Beethoven" 3-disc thank-you CD10:09Buy Now!BeethovenOverture ~ Egmont, Op. 84Vienna Philharmonic/AbbadoDG/Decca29402028948404377
10:21Buy Now!BachAir ~ Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D, BWV 1068 "Air on the G String"Ma/Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra/KoopmanSony60680074646068021
From "Beethoven" 3-disc thank-you CD10:29Buy Now!Beethoven2nd mvt (Adagio) ~ Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 "Pathetique"Vladimir AshkenazyDG/Decca29402028948404377
10:37Buy Now!HandelOverture ~ Music for the Royal FireworksEnglish Concert/PinnockArchiv453 451028945345123
From "Beethoven" - a 3-disc thank-you CD for your sustaining pledge of $10/month in support of Great Classical Music (or $120). TheClassicalStation.org10:47Buy Now!BeethovenScherzo ~ Septet in E flat, Op. 20Berlin Philharmonic Octet membersDG/Decca29402028948404377
10:53Buy Now!SmetanaDance of the Villagers ~ Bartered BrideLondon Symphony/SimonChandos8412N/A
10:59Buy Now!KhachaturianDance of the Rose Maidens ~ GayneBolshoi Theater Orchestra/SvetlanovSaison Russe288171794881617425
From "Beethoven" 3-disc thank-you CD11:05Buy Now!Beethoven2nd mvt (Molto vivace) ~ Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 "Choral"Berlin Philharmonic/KarajanDG/Decca29402028948404377
11:20Buy Now!RespighiSpring ~ Three Botticelli PicturesPhilharmonia Orchestra/SimonCALA40286754940287
From "Beethoven" 3-disc thank-you CD11:27Buy Now!Beethoven4th mvt (Rondo) ~ Violin Sonata No. 5 in F, Op. 24 "Spring" (for clarinet)Kremer/ArgerichDG/Decca29402028948404377
11:34Buy Now!HummelFinale (Rondo) ~ Trumpet ConcertoMarsalis/English Chamber Orchestra/LeppardSony60804074646080429
From "Beethoven" 3-disc thank-you CD11:37Buy Now!Beethoven2nd mvt (Allegretto) ~ Symphony No. 7 in A, Op. 92Vienna Philharmonic/KleiberDG/Decca29402028948404377
11:45Buy Now!WagnerPrelude to Act 3 ~ LohengrinBoston Pops/FiedlerRCA621307863561232
11:48Buy Now!BoyceSymphony No. 1 in B flatEnglish String Orchestra/BoughtonNimbus5345083603534523
From "Beethoven" 3-disc thank-you CD11:58Buy Now!Beethoven1st mvt (Allegro con brio) ~ Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67Vienna Philharmonic/KleiberDG/Decca29402028948404377
12:09Buy Now!DebussyFetes ~ NocturnesNew York Philharmonic/BernsteinSony Classical60972074646097229
From "Beethoven" - a 3-disc thank-you CD for your sustaining pledge of $10/month in support of Great Classical Music (or $120). TheClassicalStation.org12:18Buy Now!BeethovenMenuetto ~ Piano Sonata No. 20 in G, Op. 49 No. 2Kun Woo PaikDG/Decca29402028948404377
12:22Buy Now!OffenbachBarcarolle ~ The Tales of HoffmannDresden State Orchestra/VarvisoDeccaB0013881028947823858
12:29Buy Now!MozartOverture ~ The Abduction from the Seraglio, K. 384Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/MarrinerEMI47014077774701426
From "Beethoven" 3-disc thank-you CD12:35Buy Now!BeethovenO welche Lust! (Prisoners' Chorus) ~ FidelioVienna State Opera Chorus/Vienna Philharmonic/BernsteinDG/Decca29402028948404377
12:44Buy Now!DvorakPolonaise ~ RusalkaCzecho-Slovak State Philharmonic/StankovskyNaxos8.550376730099537629
12:49Buy Now!ChopinBallade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23Emanuel AxRCA706907863570692
13:00Buy Now!Metropolitan Opera: Verdi, Falstaff
13:57Buy Now!Metropolitan Opera: Verdi, Falstaff
14:54Buy Now!Metropolitan Opera: Verdi, Falstaff
15:52Buy Now!TchaikovskyWaltz ~ Act I, Swan Lake, Op. 20Saint Louis Symphony/SlatkinRCA Red Seal780407863578042
From the "Violin Concertos Collection", a 2018 compilation of Joseph Swensen's long association with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. It's a ThankYou CD for your sustaining pledge of $20/mo. ($240). TheClassicalStation.org16:01Buy Now!MendelssohnHebrides Overture, Op. 26Scottish Chamber Orchestra/SwensenLinn614691062061476
16:12Buy Now!GounodPetite Symphony in B flat for windsTokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra/FennellKosei2712n/a
16:32Buy Now!SchubertSymphony No. 5 in B flat, D. 485London Classical Players/NorringtonEMI49968077774996822
17:01Buy Now!ChopinPiano Concerto No. 2 in F minor, Op. 21Ashkenazy/London Symphony/ZinmanDG289 469 127028946912720
From "Beethoven" - a 3-disc thank-you CD for your sustaining pledge of $10/month in support of Great Classical Music (or $120). TheClassicalStation.org17:33Buy Now!BeethovenOverture ~ FidelioLeipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra/MasurDG/Decca29402028948404377
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17:52Buy Now!SchubertImpromptu in A flat, D. 899 No. 4Alfred BrendelPhilips456 727028945672724
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18:02Buy Now!TraditionalIrish Tune from County DerryLloyd Webber/English Chamber Orchestra/CleoburyDG0000209028947289425
18:07Buy Now!WagnerEntry of the Gods Into Valhalla ~ Das RheingoldCleveland Orchestra/SzellSony48175074644481752
18:15Buy Now!Strauss Jr.The Blue DanubeJohann Strauss Orchestra Vienna/BoskovskyEMI64108077776410821
18:26Buy Now!TraditionalBelfast HornpipeGalway/ConneffRCA60917090266091720
18:30Buy Now!LaloRondo ~ Symphonie espagnole, Op. 21Mutter/French National Orchestra/OzawaEMI547318n/a
18:39Buy Now!RavelPavane for a Dead PrincessSaint Paul Chamber Orchestra/WolffTeldec601909031740062
18:47Buy Now!ElorduyDos AcuarelasJozef OlechowskiQuindecim1047509708031048
19:00Buy Now!HartyIn IrelandFleming/Kelly/Ulster Orchestra/ThomsonChandos8321n/a
19:11Buy Now!ShostakovichSelections ~ Incidental Music to "Hamlet"Boston Symphony/NelsonsDG479 5201028947952015
19:26Buy Now!Bernstein, E.Sky Hi ~ Thoroughly Modern MillieCity of Prague Philharmonic/FitzpatrickSilva Screen1178738572117825
19:31Buy Now!RozsaChoral Suite ~ Quo VadisCincinnati Pops/Mormon Tabernacle/KunzelTelarc60631089408063169
19:50Buy Now!Saint-SaënsDanse Macabre, Op. 40Boston Pops/FiedlerRCA621307863561232
19:59Buy Now!ProkofievPeter and the Wolf, Op. 67McCowen/Concertgebouw/HaitinkPhilips442 278028944227826
20:27Buy Now!GershwinPorgy and Bess SuiteQuint/MaiskyAvanticlassic104025414706104026
20:43Buy Now!RossiniOverture ~ The Thieving MagpieLondon Classical Players/NorringtonEMI54091077775 40912
20:54Buy Now!BachSheep May Safely Graze ~ Cantata 208Boston Pops/FiedlerDG477 6118028947761181
21:02Buy Now!GlinkaWaltz FantasieTchaikovsky Moscow Radio Symphony/FedoseyevHarmonia Mundi288 114N/A
21:13Buy Now!BorodinPolovtsian Dances ~ Prince IgorBerlin Philharmonic/RattleEMI002735099950027323
21:27Buy Now!ScriabinReverie, Op. 24Russian Symphony/GorensteinPopeMusic1019704185101926
21:35Buy Now!AllegriMiserere mei, DeusChoir of King's College Cambridge/CleoburyDecca478 7309028947873099
21:49Buy Now!SowerbyRequiescat in paceLarry KingGothic49034000334903428
22:00Buy Now!RachmaninoffPiano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor, Op. 36Helene GrimaudDG0004048028947753254
22:25Buy Now!DeliusSongs of SunsetAllen/Walker/Ambrosian Singers/Royal Philharmonic/FenbyUnicorn-Kanchana2073053068207324
23:01Buy Now!ShostakovichSymphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47Leningrad Philharmonic/MravinskyErato45752022924575228
23:46Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects