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“To send light into the darkness of men's hearts—such is the duty of the artist.”
— Robert Schumann


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Sleepers, Awake!00:01Buy Now!ElgarFroissart (A Concert Overture), Op. 19Scottish National Orchestra/GibsonMHS11052KN/A
00:16Buy Now!DeliusBrigg Fair, an English RhapsodyBournemouth Symphony/HickoxEMI4993277774993227
00:33Buy Now!MozartSymphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550Stuttgart Radio Symphony/BohmHaenssler Classic93.014040888301424
01:00Buy Now!Strauss Jr.A Thousand and One Nights (Waltz)Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra/TheimerDenon77949081757794923
01:10Buy Now!AlbinoniAdagio in G minorCapella Istropolitana/EdlingerNaxos8.550035-6730099503525
01:22Buy Now!ShostakovichSuite ~ The Gadfly, Op. 97London Symphony Orchestra/ShostakovichCollins Classics12062723721451929
01:59Buy Now!RavelBoleroParis Orchestra/MartinonEMI75526724357552622
02:15Buy Now!StillSummerland ~ Three Visions SuiteGreg McCallumMSR Classics1092681585109229
02:21Buy Now!BrahmsSerenade No. 1 in D, Op. 11London Philharmonic/BoultEMI65229094636522920
03:00Buy Now!WeberOverture ~ Der FreischutzNew York Philharmonic/BernsteinSony4760107464476012
03:12Buy Now!DvorakHumoresques, Op. 101FirkusnyMMG711404716371142
03:35Buy Now!MozartString Quintet in C minor, K. 406Dover QuartetCedille16773513116721
04:01Buy Now!BeethovenPiano Concerto No. 4 in G, Op. 58Andsnes/Mahler Chamber OrchestraSony88883705482888837054829
04:36Buy Now!SchumannManfred Overture, Op. 115BBC National Orchestra of Wales/WellerBBCMM216n/a
04:50Buy Now!VivaldiBassoon Concerto in A minor, RV 497Thunemann/I MusiciPhilips416 355028941635525
05:00Buy Now!SullivanOverture ~ The Pirates of PenzancePro Arte Orchestra/SargentSeraphim/EMI69137724356913721
05:09Buy Now!TchaikovskyPiano Concerto No. 3 in E flat, Op. 75Pletnev/Philharmonia/FedosseyevVirgin91202075679120229
Rise and Shine!05:24Buy Now!HagenConcerto in A for Lute and StringsSmith/Banchini/Plantier/Courvoisier/DieltensAuvidisE 86413298490086414
05:39Buy Now!Strauss Jr.Overture ~ Die FledermausVienna Philharmonic/MaazelDG400 0403259140004028
05:48Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
06:01Buy Now!BelliniTrumpet Concerto in E flatSmedvig/Scottish Chamber Orchestra/LingTelarc80232089408023224
06:08Buy Now!SchubertImpromptu in A flat, D. 935 No. 2HaefligerSony53108n/a
06:16Buy Now!GraupnerBassoon Concerto in GSmith/English Chamber Orchestra/LedgerASV6815011975068129
06:26Buy Now!BerliozOverture ~ Benvenuto Cellini, Op. 23New York Philharmonic/BoulezSony64103074646410325
06:38Buy Now!LiadovBallade, Op. 21b "About Olden Times"USSR Symphony/SvetlanovMelodiya34165743213416526
06:45Buy Now!BachFinale (Allegro) ~ Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 in B flat, BWV 1051Academy of Ancient Music/HogwoodL'Oiseau Lyre414 187028941418722
06:51Buy Now!Strauss, JosefMy Life is Love and Laughter (Waltz)Johann Strauss Orchestra of Vienna/BoskovskyEMI49096077774909624
07:00Buy Now!SuppeOverture ~ Morning, Noon & Night in ViennaVienna Philharmonic/SoltiDecca289 460 982028946098226
07:08Buy Now!DandelotOn VacationCorre/ExerjeanLe Chant du Monde278.849/50N/A
07:19Buy Now!PergolesiSinfonia ~ OlimpiadeNational Academy of St. Cecilia/ChungDG289 471 566028947156628
07:25Buy Now!BarberOverture ~ The School For Scandal, Op. 5Atlanta Symphony/LeviTelarc80632089408063220
07:36Buy Now!TorelliSinfonia in CWallace/PhilharmoniaNimbus1405083603140526
07:44Buy Now!DvorakHumoresques, Op. 101 Nos. 3 & 4FirkusnyMMG711404716371142
07:51Buy Now!HaydnLondon Trio No. 1 in CZucker/Siebert/MagillCantilena Records66013757166601328
08:01Buy Now!GlazunovWedding March, Op. 21Bavarian Radio Symphony/JarviOrfeo093 201N/A
08:09Buy Now!Vivaldi1st mvt (Allegro) ~ Violin Concerto in B flat, Op. 4 No. 1Podger/Arte dei SuonatoriChannel Classics6212723385621225
08:13Buy Now!DebussyDanse (Tarantelle Styrienne)French National Orchestra/InbalDenon71799081757179928
08:19Buy Now!LeharSirens of the Ball WaltzCincinnati Pops/KunzelTelarc80547089408054723
08:28Buy Now!Schubert4th mvt (Allegro moderato) ~ String Quartet in A minor, D.804 "Rosamunde"Brandis QuartetBrilliant Classics944245028421944241
08:36Buy Now!MozartDivertimento No. 9 in B flat (for winds), K. 240Octophorus EnsembleAccent8856N/A
08:49Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
09:01Buy Now!BrittenMatinees musicales, Op. 24English Chamber Orchestra/GibsonEMI eminence69865077776986524
09:18Buy Now!MussorgskyNight on Bald MountainVienna Philharmonic/GergievPhilips289 468 526028946852620
09:31Buy Now!Haydn, M.Violin Concerto in B flatGodhoff/BBC Scottish Symphony/TrabichoffKoch3111409002723111408
Classical Café10:00Buy Now!Grieg3 Orchestral Pieces ~ Sigurd Jorsalfar, Op. 56BBC Scottish Symphony/MaksymiukNaxos8.5508644891030508644
10:19Buy Now!ElgarSix Promenades for Wind QuintetAthena EnsembleChandos6554095115655429
10:35Buy Now!PopperIm Walde (In the Forest), Op. 50Kliegel/Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia/MarksonNaxos8.554657636943465721
11:00Buy Now!BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 1 in F minor, Op. 2 No. 1Murray PerahiaSony Classical64397074646439722
11:20Buy Now!BoccheriniString Quintet in D, Op. 11 No. 6Smithsonian Chamber PlayersHM77159054727715921
11:41Buy Now!Sammartini, GiuseppeConcerto Grosso No. 6 in E minorEnsemble 415/BanchiniHarmonia Mundi986002794881398324
11:50Buy Now!Strauss Jr.Wine, Women and SongVienna Philharmonic/BoskovskyLondon417 706028941770622
12:02Buy Now!JoplinOverture ~ TreemonishaHouston Grand Opera/SchullerDG435 709028943570923
12:11Buy Now!BachViolin Concerto No. 2 in E, BWV 1042Zukerman/English Chamber OrchestraRCA60718090266071821
12:29Buy Now!MendelssohnConcert Piece No. 2 in D minor for Clarinet and Bassetthorn, Op. 114King/Dobree/London Symphony/FrancisHyperion22017034571120171
12:40Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
12:50Buy Now!VerdiOverture ~ StiffelioBern Symphony/la SelvaNewport Classics85649032466564925
As You Like It13:01Buy Now!ChopinScherzo No. 1 in B minor, Op. 20Ivan MoravecDorian90140053479014023
13:12Buy Now!FinziMusic for "Love’s Labors Lost"English String Orchestra/BoughtonNimbus510108360351012
13:41Buy Now!HaydnHorn Concerto No. 1 in DThompson/London Chamber Orchestra/Warren-GreenVirgin61235724356123526
14:01Buy Now!MozartSymphony No. 36 in C, K. 425 “Linz”Bavarian Radio Symphony/KubelikCBS4464707464446472
14:30Buy Now!King, B.J.Spring Intermezzo ~ Four Seasonal SketchesHelen Walker-HillLeonarda339019168033928
14:34Buy Now!SchubertSymphony No. 3 in D, D. 200National Arts Centre Orchestra of Canada/ZukermanCBC Records5221059582522127
15:00Buy Now!DvorakPiano Quintet No. 2 in A, Op. 81Firkusny/Juilliard String QuartetSony Classical62709074646270929
15:39Buy Now!Strauss, R.Horn Concerto No. 1 in E flatBloom/Cleveland Orch/SzellSony63123n/a
15:56Buy Now!SchumannTraumereiBell/Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/SternSony87894696998789425
Allegro!15:59Buy Now!RossiniOverture ~ The Thieving MagpieNational Philharmonic/ChaillyLondon443 850028944385021
16:10Buy Now!BachFinale (Presto) ~ Sonata No. 2 in A for violin & piano, BWV 1015Laredo/GouldSony52615074645261522
16:14Buy Now!BizetPatrie OvertureMexico City Philharmonic/BatizMHS512232MN/A
16:29Buy Now!FauréFantasy for Flute, Op. 79D. McGill/Seattle Symphony/MorlotSeattle Symphony Orchestra1004855404005034
16:35Buy Now!NicolaiOverture ~ The Homecoming of the ExileBamberg Symphony/RickenbacherVirgin91079075679107923
16:44Buy Now!TelemannConcerto in G (after the Trio Sonata in B flat)Kuhlman/Empire BrassTelarc80614089408061424
16:52Buy Now!Beethoven4th mvt (Allegro molto) ~ Symphony No. 2 in D, Op. 36Academy of Ancient Music/HogwoodL'Oiseau Lyre414 338028941433824
16:59Buy Now!WagnerGood Friday Music ~ ParsifalPhiladelphia Orchestra/ThielemannDG453 485028945348520
17:13Buy Now!Mozart1st mvt (Andante) ~ Divertimento in B flat, K. 137Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/MarrinerDecca478 7309028947873099
17:19Buy Now!VerdiBallet Music ~ MacbethOrch. Bologna Comm. Theatre/ChaillyLondon425 108028942 51082 1
17:30Buy Now!LannerDie SchonbrunnerVienna Philharmonic/MaazelSony88697952062886979520622
17:38Buy Now!DvorakHumoresques, Op. 101 Nos. 5 & 6FirkusnyMMG711404716371142
17:45Buy Now!Bach, J.C.Symphony in F, Op. 8 No. 4Hanover Band/HalsteadCPO999 383761203938322
17:56Buy Now!ChopinEtude in A minor, Op. 25 No. 11 "Winter Wind"Maurizio PolliniDG413 794028941379429
18:00Buy Now!SarasateGypsy Airs, Op. 20 (Zigeunerweisen)Heifetz/RCA Victor SO/SteinbergRCA770907863577092
18:10Buy Now!GriegTwo Elegiac Melodies for Strings, Op. 34Malmö Symphony/EngesetNaxos8.508015747313801534
18:19Buy Now!DebussyPlay of the Waves ~ La MerPhiladelphia Orchestra/OrmandySony88725417202887254172024
18:27Buy Now!SuppeOverture ~ Poet and PeasantMontreal Symphony/DutoitLondon414 408028941440822
18:38Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
18:48Buy Now!VivaldiTrio Sonata, Op. 1 No. 7L'Arte dell'Arco/HogwoodDHM77350054727735028
WCPE Concert Hall19:00Buy Now!Renaissance Fare
Monday Night at the Symphony20:03Buy Now!ProkofievPeter and the Wolf, Op. 67Kingsley/London Symphony/MackerrasAllegro1022723722336126
20:32Buy Now!RavelPiano Concerto for the Left HandGavrilov/London Symphony/RattleEMI69026077776902623
20:51Buy Now!MendelssohnHebrides Overture, Op. 26London Symphony/AbbadoDG423 104028942310421
21:03Buy Now!BrahmsPiano Concerto No. 2 in B flat, Op. 83Krieger/London Symphony/MannDecca481 48718808678135558
21:54Buy Now!RachmaninoffVocaliseLondon Symphony/PrevinEMI64530077776453026
Music in the Night22:02Buy Now!SchubertSonatina in D, D. 384Shaham/SollscherDG289 471 568028947156826
22:18Buy Now!SibeliusThe Swan of TuonelaTyte/Shepherd/Scottish Nat'l Orch/GibsonChandos8394N/A
22:28Buy Now!SchumannFantasy in C, Op. 17EdelmannRCA Red Seal7746078635774627
23:00Buy Now!McLinA Summer DayHelen Walker-HillLeonarda339019168033928
23:06Buy Now!KhachaturianLullaby ~ GayneBolshoi Theater Orchestra/SvetlanovSaison Russe288171794881617425
23:13Buy Now!TchaikovskyString Quartet No. 2 in F, Op. 22New Haydn Quartet, BudapestNaxos8.550847730099584722
23:49Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects