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“To send light into the darkness of men's hearts—such is the duty of the artist.”
—Robert Schumann


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Sleepers, Awake!00:01Buy Now!GriegTwo Norwegian Dances, Op. 63Moscow Soloists/BashmetRCA Red Seal60368090266036820
00:14Buy Now!BachChaconne ~ Violin Partita in D minor, BWV 1004Artur RubinsteinRCA567307863556732
00:29Buy Now!HerrmannSuite ~ 5 FingersMoscow Symphony/StrombergMarco Polo8.225168636943516829
01:00Buy Now!HeroldOverture ~ ZampaCincinnati Pops/KunzelTelarc80116N/A
01:09Buy Now!BeethovenSymphony No. 3 in E flat, Op. 55 "Eroica"Minnesota Orchestra/VanskaBis1825/267318591825265
02:01Buy Now!TavenerSong for AtheneChoir of Westminster Abbey/NearySony66613074646661321
02:09Buy Now!HolstThe Planets, Op. 32French National Orchestra/MaazelCBS Masterworks37249n/a
02:59Buy Now!BorodinOverture ~ Prince IgorPhilharmonia Hungarica/KohlerVox720204716372022
03:12Buy Now!FauréNocturne No. 7 in C sharp minor, Op. 74Paul CrossleyCRD34065015155340623
03:22Buy Now!DvorakString Quartet No. 14 in A flat, Op. 105Vlach Quartet PragueNaxos8.553374730099437424
03:58Buy Now!Vaughan WilliamsIn the Fen CountryNew Philharmonia/BoultEMI47218077774721820
04:13Buy Now!NicolaiOverture ~ The Merry Wives of WindsorDresden State Orchestra/VonkArs Vivendi0364101380000492
04:23Buy Now!BomtempoSymphony No. 2 in DBamberg Symphony/ScimonePortugalsom87002/PSN/A
05:01Buy Now!Strauss Jr.Artists' LifeChicago Symphony/ReinerRCA Victor60844090266084425
05:08Buy Now!HaydnPiano Sonata No. 62 in E flatKissinSony64538074646453827
Rise and Shine!05:29Buy Now!HandelConcerto Grosso in G, Op. 6 No. 1Guildhall String Ensemble/SalterRCA7895078635789522
05:42Buy Now!DvorakTwo Bagatelles, Op. 47Orchestra of Beethoven Hall, Bonn/DaviesMusicMasters60180016126018027
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06:01Buy Now!SchubertOverture No. 2 in C, D. 591 "In The Italian Style"Dresden State Orchestra/SawallischPhilips446 536028944653625
06:10Buy Now!Bach2nd mvt (Andante) ~ Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, BWV 1049Szeryng/Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/MarrinerDecca478 7309028947873099
06:14Buy Now!WeberOverture ~ OberonPhilharmonia/SawallischEMI69572077776957227
06:25Buy Now!BerliozOverture ~ Beatrice and BenedictNew York Philharmonic/BoulezSony64103074646410325
06:34Buy Now!BoccheriniTrio in D, Op. 2 No. 4The Vivaldi ProjectMSR1621681585162156
06:45Buy Now!BrahmsFinale (Rondo: Allegro) ~ Serenade No. 2 in A, Op. 16London Philharmonic/BoultEMI65229094636522920
06:52Buy Now!RavelMenuet antiqueBoston Symphony/HaitinkPhilips454 452028945445229
07:00Buy Now!ReznicekOverture ~ Donna DianaDresden State Orchestra/VonkArs Vivendi21001364101380000492
07:07Buy Now!VivaldiConcerto in G minor for Violin, 2 Recorders and 2 Oboes, RV 577English Concert/PinnockArchiv445 839028944583922
07:18Buy Now!ChopinPolonaise in A flat, Op. 53 "Heroic"Artur RubinsteinRCA561507863556152
07:26Buy Now!GretryString Quartet No. 1 in GHaydn QuartetKoch/Schwann310 1589002723101584
07:36Buy Now!AlwynFestival MarchRoyal Liverpool Philharmonic/Lloyd-JonesNaxos8.570144747313014477
07:45Buy Now!DvorakPolonaise ~ RusalkaCzecho-Slovak State Philharmonic/StankovskyNaxos8.550376730099537629
07:50Buy Now!BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 19 in G minor, Op. 49 No. 1John O'ConorTelarc80293089408029325
08:00Buy Now!Strauss Jr.The Wings of the Phoenix (waltz), Op. 125Vienna Philharmonic/MaazelRCA Victor68421090266842124
08:09Buy Now!DebussyReverieYolanda KondonassisTelarc80622089408062223
08:14Buy Now!BachBouree I & II ~ Cello Suite No. 3 in C, BWV 1009Andres SegoviaMCA42068076742206826
08:20Buy Now!BoyceOverture No. 8 in DCantilena/ShepherdChandos6531095115653128
08:28Buy Now!DeliusBy the River ~ Florida SuiteUlster Orchestra/HandleyChandos8413N/A
08:35Buy Now!Haydn, M.Symphony No. 15 in DSlovak Chamber Orchestra/WarchalCPO999 154761203915422
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09:01Buy Now!SchumannPiano Quintet in E flat, Op. 44Rubinstein/Guarneri QuartetRCA Red Seal566907863556692
09:35Buy Now!RossiniOverture ~ SemiramideBuffalo Philharmonic/FallettaBeau Fleuven/a692863162324
09:48Buy Now!AvisonConcerto Grosso No. 03 in D minorAcademy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/MarrinerPhilips438 806028943880626
Classical Café10:01Buy Now!ElgarSerenade for Strings in E minor, Op. 20English Chamber Orchestra/MenuhinArabesque Recordings6563023635065633
10:15Buy Now!Taneyev, S.Concert Suite for Violin & Orchestra, Op. 28Altenburger/Vienna Symphony/AhronovitchProArte302015095030221
11:00Buy Now!MehulSymphony No. 2 in DRhenish Philharmonic/RotterMarco Polo8.2231394005294231396
11:28Buy Now!BachOboe Concerto in G minor, BWV 1056Messiter/Guildhall String Ensemble/SalterRCA60224090266022427
11:39Buy Now!HaydnDivertimento No. 8 in CKoopman/Goebel/Stuurop/MedlamMHS522363Tn/a
11:50Buy Now!ChopinBallade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23Artur RubinsteinRCA61396828766139624
12:01Buy Now!SuppeOverture ~ Poet and PeasantCincinnati Pops/KunzelTelarc80116N/A
12:12Buy Now!MendelssohnCapriccio brillant in B minor, Op. 22Edelmann/Bamberg Symphony/FlorRCA7988078635798821
12:26Buy Now!BorodinNocturne ~ String Quartet No. 2 in D (for orchestra)St. Petersburg Camerata/SondeckisSony62406074646240625
12:36Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
12:47Buy Now!Saint-SaënsViolin Concerto No. 1 in A, Op. 20Kyung-Wha Chung/Montreal Symphony/DutoitLondon411 952028941195227
As You Like It13:01Buy Now!Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on GreensleevesPhiladelphia Orchestra/OrmandySony4826007464482602
13:08Buy Now!SchubertSymphony No. 9 in C, D. 944 "Great"Columbia Symphony/B. WalterSony Classical64478074646447826
14:02Buy Now!BeethovenPiano Concerto No. 1 in C, Op. 15Rubinstein/Boston Symphony/LeinsdorfRCA Victor6808309026680832
14:41Buy Now!GermanWelsh RhapsodyScottish National Orchestra/GibsonEMI69206077776920627
15:01Buy Now!MendelssohnSymphony No. 5, Op. 107 "Reformation"Vienna Philharmonic/GardinerDG289 459 1560289459915623
15:30Buy Now!LisztLiebestraum No. 3 in A flatClaudio ArrauDeccaB0013881028947823858
15:37Buy Now!Romero, C.Concierto de MalagaP. Romero/Academy SMF/MarrinerPhilips411 133028941113320
Allegro!16:00Buy Now!HumperdinckOverture ~ Hansel and GretelVienna Philharmonic/SoltiDecca289 460 982028946098226
16:10Buy Now!BachFinale (Allegro) ~ Flute Sonata in E flat, BWV 1031Galway/Moll/CunninghamRCA62555090266255528
16:15Buy Now!WaldteufelWaves of Joy, a waltzSlovak State Philharmonic/WalterMarco Polo8.223684730099368421
16:26Buy Now!SchumannArabeske in C, Op. 18Angela ChengCBC Records1087059582108727
16:35Buy Now!GluckDance of the Blessed Spirits ~ Orpheus and EurydiceAcademy of Ancient Music/HogwoodL'Oiseau Lyre410 553028941055323
16:43Buy Now!Schubert3rd mvt (Trio) ~ Octet in F, D. 803Cleveland OctetSony62655074646265529
16:51Buy Now!TelemannSinfonia Spirituosa in DMusica Antiqua of Cologne/GoebelArchiv289 471 492028947149224
17:00Buy Now!HeroldOverture ~ ZampaPhilharmonia/BoughtonNimbus5120083603512026
17:09Buy Now!Vaughan WilliamsHenry the Fifth, an OvertureLondon Collegiate Brass/StobartCRD3434N/A
17:19Buy Now!VerdiSuite ~ RigolettoSolid BrassDorian90108053479010827
17:30Buy Now!Strauss, JosefVillage Swallows from AustriaVienna Philharmonic/KleiberSony4837607464483762
17:39Buy Now!ChopinImpromptu No. 2 in F sharp, Op. 36RubinsteinRCA Red Seal561707863556172
17:46Buy Now!BeethovenRomance No. 2 in F for Violin, Op. 50Shaham/Orpheus Chamber Orch.DG449 923028944992328
17:55Buy Now!TavenerA Hymn to the Mother of GodThe Sixteen/ChristophersCoro16073828021607325
17:59Buy Now!VivaldiOboe Concerto No. 5 in A minor, RV 461Reichenberg/English Concert/PinnockArchiv415 674028941567420
18:10Buy Now!KreislerLiebesleid (Love's Sorrow)Sergei RachmaninoffRCA48971886974897125
18:15Buy Now!Berlioz5th mvt (Dream of a Witches' Sabbath) ~ Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14Pittsburgh Symphony/JanowskiPentatone5186338827949033865
18:26Buy Now!PurcellSonata in D minorKing's ConsortVivat1060799439114685
18:37Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
18:48Buy Now!MendelssohnHebrides Overture, Op. 26Bern Symphony/MaagMCA5849076732584927
WCPE Concert Hall19:01Buy Now!DukasSorcerer's ApprenticeCincinnati Pops/KunzelTelarc80115N/A
19:13Buy Now!GeminianiConcerto No. 6 in AI MusiciPhilips438 766028943876629
19:24Buy Now!BrahmsDouble Concerto for Violin & Cello in A minor, Op. 102Kremer/Maisky/Vienna Philharmonic/BernsteinDG431 207028943120722
Monday Night at the Symphony20:01Buy Now!RachmaninoffSymphonic Dances, Op. 45Royal Concertgebouw/AshkenazyDecca410 124028941012425
20:36Buy Now!ShostakovichConcerto for Piano, Trumpet and Strings, Op. 35Brautigam/Royal Concertgebouw/ChaillyDecca433 702028943370226
21:00Buy Now!DvorakSymphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95 "From the New World"Royal Concertgebouw Orch/HarnoncourtTeldec25254639842525428
21:45Buy Now!WagnerOverture ~ RienziRoyal Concertgebouw/JansonsRadio Nederland Wereldomroep110045425008377742
21:58Buy Now!TavenerThe Lord's PrayerChoir of St. John's College, Cambridge/RobinsonNaxos8.557557-58747313255726
Music in the Night22:02Buy Now!ChopinNocturnes, Op. 48RubinsteinRCA561307863556132
22:17Buy Now!MascagniIntermezzo ~ Cavalleria rusticanaPhiladelphia Orchestra/OrmandySony4826007464482602
22:22Buy Now!BrahmsQuintet in B minor for Viola and Strings, Op. 115Bashmet/Moscow SoloistsSony60550074646055021
23:01Buy Now!KapsbergerToccata No. 1RomanescaHarmonia Mundi907211093046721121
23:09Buy Now!TchaikovskyVariations on a Rococo Theme, Op. 33Rostropovich/Boston Symphony/OzawaErato882243269658822427
23:28Buy Now!GriegLyric Pieces No. 4, Op. 47Eva KnardahlBIS1047318590001042
23:50Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects