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Sleepers, Awake!00:01Buy Now!MozartViolin Sonata in A, K. 305Gil & Orli ShahamCanary Classics01892118001013
00:14Buy Now!ProkofievSymphony No. 5 in B flat, Op. 100Cincinnati Symphony/JarviTelarc80683089408068324
00:59Buy Now!BrahmsDouble Concerto for Violin & Cello in A minor, Op. 102Bell/Isserlis/Academy of St. Martin-in-the-FieldsSony Classical88985321792889853217922
01:34Buy Now!CoatesLondon SuiteEast of England Orchestra/NabarroASV2053743625205329
01:50Buy Now!TchaikovskyMeditation ~ Memory of a Dear Place, Op. 42Shaham/Russian National Orchestra/PletnevDG289 457 064028945706429
02:01Buy Now!HaydnSymphony No. 035 in B flatEnglish Concert/PinnockArchiv427 661028942766129
02:21Buy Now!Strauss Jr.Emperor WaltzNew York Philharmonic/BernsteinSony Classical4671007464467102
02:34Buy Now!MozartSerenade No. 12 in C minor (for winds), K. 388 "Nacht Musique"Orpheus Chamber OrchestraDG431 690N/A
02:59Buy Now!BachFrench Suite No. 2 in C minor, BWV 813GouldSony4226707464422672
03:10Buy Now!LiadovBaba Yaga, Op. 56Minnesota Orchestra/OueReference Recordings82030911108229
03:15Buy Now!LachnerSymphony No. 8 in G minor, Op. 100Slovak State Philharmonic/RobinsonMarco Polo8.223594730099359429
04:02Buy Now!SpohrClarinet Concerto No. 4 in E minorLeister/Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra/FruhbeckOrfeo088 101n/a
04:30Buy Now!SibeliusNight Ride and Sunrise, Op. 55Philharmonia Orchestra/RattleEMI47006N/A
04:46Buy Now!HandelConcerto Grosso in C ~ "Alexander’s Feast"English Chamber Orch/LeppardPhilips426 082028942608221
05:00Buy Now!BeethovenCello Sonata No. 5 in D, Op. 102 No. 2Rostropovich/RichterPhilips412 256028941225627
05:19Buy Now!GlazunovSerenade No. 1, Op. 7Romanian State Orchestra/AndreescuMarco Polo8.220487N/A
05:25Buy Now!BrahmsIntermezzo in A, Op. 118 No. 2Wibi SoerjadiPhilips454 149028945414928
Rise and Shine!05:32Buy Now!MozartHorn Concerto No. 3 in E flat, K. 447Brown/Orch. Age Enlightenmt./KuijkenVirgin7908452075679084521
05:49Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
06:01Buy Now!AlbinoniViolin Concerto in A, Op. 9 No. 4Ayo/I MusiciPhilips426 080028942608023
06:12Buy Now!FieldRondo ~ Piano Sonata in E flat, Op. 1 No. 1O'RourkeChandos8787095115878729
06:17Buy Now!HaydnNotturno No. 6 in GThe Music Party/HackerLondon458 075028945807522
06:27Buy Now!Strauss Jr.The Blue DanubeVienna Philharmonic/KarajanDG289 459 730028945973029
06:39Buy Now!Scarlatti, A.Sinfonia No. 8 in G for flute and stringsBennett/I MusiciPhilips434 160028943416023
06:46Buy Now!BachFinale (Allegro) ~ Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 in B flat, BWV 1051Linde Consort/LindeEMI47045N/A
06:53Buy Now!SullivanOverture ~ The GondoliersScottish Chamber Orchestra/FarisNimbus506608360350662
07:00Buy Now!BizetCarmen Suite No. 1Mexico City Philharmonic/BatizMHS512232MN/A
07:13Buy Now!LisztHungarian Rhapsody No. 4 in D minorBudapest Festival Orchestra/FischerPhilips456 570028945657028
07:24Buy Now!ArnoldEnglish Dances, Book One, Op. 27London Philharmonic/ArnoldLyrita2015020926020123
07:36Buy Now!HandelSonata in D minor for Violin and ContinuoPine/Schrader/RozendaalCedille032735131903226
07:44Buy Now!MendelssohnAndante ~ Piano Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 25Frith/Slovak State Philharmonic/StankovskyNaxos8.578009747313800971
07:52Buy Now!SchubertOverture No. 1 in D, D. 590 "In the Italian Style"Dresden State Orchestra/SawallischPhilips446 536028944653625
08:02Buy Now!Vivaldi1st mvt (Allegro) ~ Four Seasons, SpringBell/Academy of St. Martin-in-the-FieldsSony11013886971101324
08:08Buy Now!FallaJota ~ Seven Spanish FolksongsGarcia/MoreauErato01902959546350190295954635
08:15Buy Now!RossiniOverture ~ The Silken LadderPhilharmonia Orchestra/MutiEMI47118077774711821
08:24Buy Now!SmetanaDance of the Comedians ~ The Bartered BridePhiladelphia Orchestra/OrmandyRCA6331309026633132
08:33Buy Now!BachSleepers, Awake!Mayer/English Concert/Trinity BaroqueDG479 6843028947968436
08:41Buy Now!GluckDance of the Blessed Spirits ~ Orpheus and EurydiceAcademy of Ancient Music/HogwoodL'Oiseau Lyre410 553028941055323
08:50Buy Now!MozartFinale (Allegretto) ~ Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor, K. 491Bax/Southbank Sinfonia/OverSignum Classics321635212032121
Classical Café09:01Buy Now!Hans Zimmer: The Classics
10:00Buy Now!French Renaissance Music
10:57Buy Now!PurcellRondeau ~ AbdelazarKuhlman/Empire BrassTelarc80614089408061424
11:01Buy Now!KhachaturianAysha's Dance ~ GayneBolshoi Theater Orchestra/SvetlanovSaison Russe288171794881617425
11:09Buy Now!ChopinFinale ~ Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, Op. 11Cho/London SO/NosedaDGB0026046028947959410
11:23Buy Now!TelemannOverture ~ Suite in B flat, "The Nations"La StravaganzaDenon9398081757939829
11:33Buy Now!FallaRitual Fire Dance ~ El amor brujo (Love, the Magician)Chicago Symphony/ReinerRCA Red Seal04607886970460729
11:41Buy Now!BerliozRakoczy March ~ The Damnation of FaustBBC Philharmonic/SinaiskyBBCMM92n/a
11:48Buy Now!BrahmsHungarian Dance No. 1 in G minorMutter/OrkisDG479 6834028947968344
11:55Buy Now!Ippolitov-IvanovProcession of the Sardar ~ Caucasian SketchesUSSR Radio and TV Orchestra/FedoseyevMelodiya860015775186026
12:02Buy Now!GraingerMolly on the ShoreBoston Pops/WilliamsPhilips420 946028942094628
12:09Buy Now!Mozart1st mvt (Allegro) ~ Serenade No. 13 in G, K. 525 "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"I MusiciDeccaB0013881028947823858
12:19Buy Now!ChopinPolonaise in A flat, Op. 53 "Heroic"Piotr AnderszewskiVirgin Classics7307565099973075622
12:29Buy Now!GershwinSummertime ~ Porgy and BessPine/HagleCedille Records139735131913928
12:37Buy Now!HolstJupiter, The Bringer of Jollity ~ The Planets, Op. 32Israel Philharmonic/MehtaHelicon96257293627962520
12:48Buy Now!HumperdinckChildren’s Prayer ~ Hänsel and GretelMayer/The King's SingersDG479 6843028947968436
12:54Buy Now!MassenetAt the Cabaret ~ Alsatian ScenesMonte Carlo Opera Orchestra/GardinerErato45859022924585920
As You Like It13:02Buy Now!WilliamsLiberty FanfareBoston Pops/LockhartBoston Pops Recordings0003828020000325
13:10Buy Now!Beethoven4th mvt (Allegro vivace) ~ Symphony No. 8 in F, Op. 93Revolutionary & Romantic Orchestra/GardinerArchiv Producktion477 8643028947786436
13:19Buy Now!AnonymousJohn Come Kiss Me NowRonn McFarlaneDorian90186053479018625
13:27Buy Now!DebussyFetes ~ NocturnesLondon Symphony/PrevinEMI47028n/a
13:38Buy Now!SibeliusPresto for String OrchestraFinlandia Sinfonietta/HelasvuoFinlandia354n/a
13:46Buy Now!ZimmerMain Theme ~ Crimson TideBronner/Czech Philharmonic/GreenawaySony Classical88985322812889853228126
13:54Buy Now!RespighiSpring ~ Three Botticelli PicturesAcademy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/MarrinerEMI86549724358654929
14:02Buy Now!LiadovPolonaise in C, Op. 49City of Birmingham Symphony/JarviEMI47505077774750523
14:11Buy Now!BrahmsFinale ~ Double Concerto for Violin & Cello in A minor, Op. 102Bell/Isserlis/Academy of St. Martin-in-the-FieldsSony Classical88985321792889853217922
14:23Buy Now!SchubertImpromptu in A flat, D. 899 No. 4DemidenkoHyperion66781/2034571167817
14:32Buy Now!SchmelzerKaiser SerenadeTafelmusik/LamonSony539637464 53963 2
14:41Buy Now!ChopinBallade No. 2 in F, Op. 38Seong-Jin ChoDGB0026046028947959410
14:52Buy Now!BeethovenOverture ~ FidelioRoyal Philharmonic/PrevinRCA Victor61720090266172023
15:02Buy Now!MozartOverture ~ The Clemency of Titus, K. 621Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields/MarrinerEMI47014077774701426
15:09Buy Now!HandelSarabande ~ Suite in D miniorAlbrecht MayerDG479 6843028947968436
15:16Buy Now!TchaikovskyWaltz-Scherzo, Op. 34Chan/KoenigAmbassador10177266181701723
15:25Buy Now!Bach, J.C.Overture No. 6 in GAcademy of Ancient Music/HogwoodL'Oiseau Lyre417 148028941714824
15:34Buy Now!AlbénizAsturias (Leyenda) ~ Suite española, Op. 47Thibaud GarciaErato01902959546350190295954635
15:44Buy Now!DeliusBy the River ~ Florida SuiteRoyal Philharmonic/BeechamEMI47509077774750981
15:55Buy Now!SullivanOverture ~ H.M.S. PinaforePro Arte Orchestra/SargentSeraphim/EMI69137724356913721
Allegro!16:02Buy Now!DvorakPolka in B flatDetroit Symphony/DoratiLondon414 370028941437020
16:07Buy Now!GershwinIt Ain't Necessarily So ~ Porgy and BessMutter/PrevinDG479 6834028947968344
16:10Buy Now!BrahmsHungarian Dance No. 7 in AMutter/OrkisDG479 6834028947968344
16:16Buy Now!TelemannConcerto in D for 3 TrumpetsAcademy of Ancient Music/HogwoodL'Oiseau Lyre411 949028941194923
16:28Buy Now!MendelssohnFinale ~ Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64Perlman/London Symphony/PrevinWarner Classics093905099940939025
16:38Buy Now!RespighiBells of Paris ~ Ancient Airs & Dances, Suite No. 2CBC Vancouver Orch/BernardiCBC96059582059623
16:47Buy Now!Beethoven3rd mvt (Tempo di menuetto) ~ Symphony No. 8 in F, Op. 93Revolutionary & Romantic Orchestra/GardinerArchiv Producktion477 8643028947786436
16:54Buy Now!ProkofievFinale ~ Symphony No. 1 in D, Op. 25 "Classical"Slovak Philharmonic/GunzenhauserNaxos8.554337-38636943433720
17:02Buy Now!MozartFinale ~ Symphony No. 34 in C, K. 338Vienna Philharmonic/LevineDG419 189028941918925
17:12Buy Now!ChopinPolonaise in A, Op. 40 No. 1 "Military"Nikita MagaloffDeccaB0013881028947823858
17:21Buy Now!CoplandHoe Down ~ RodeoDetroit Symphony/SlatkinNaxos8.559758636943975824
17:30Buy Now!Strauss Jr.A Thousand and One Nights (Waltz)Vienna Philharmonic/KleiberSony4837607464483762
17:41Buy Now!PucciniVissi d'arte ~ ToscaNetrebko/Orchestra St. Cecilia/PappanoDGB0025289028947950158
17:47Buy Now!MeyerbeerCoronation March ~ Le ProphèteSaint Louis Symphony/SlatkinRCA7716078635771626
17:54Buy Now!HandelSee, the conquering hero comes ~ Judas MaccabaeusRoyal Philharmonic/GrovesSony62640074646264027
18:01Buy Now!VivaldiConcerto in G for 2 Mandolins, RV 532Sparks/Woodhouse/Camerata St. Andrew/FriedmanOmega1012N/A
18:14Buy Now!PonchielliDance of the Hours ~ La giocondaRoyal Opera House, Covent Garden /SoltiDecca289 473 171028947317128
18:24Buy Now!Schubert3rd mvt (Scherzando) ~ Piano Trio No. 2 in E flat, D. 929Amsterdam Piano TrioBrilliant Classics944245028421944241
18:32Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects
18:41Buy Now!SchumannConcert Piece in F for 4 Horns & Orchestra, Op. 86Revolutionary & Romantic Orchestra/GardinerArchiv457 591028945759128
WCPE Opera House19:02

GounodSoldiers' Chorus ~ FaustRobert Shaw Chorale/RCA Victor SO/ShawRCA60205090266020522
19:09Buy Now!PucciniUn bel di vedremo ~ Madama ButterflyNetrebko/Orchestra St. Cecilia/PappanoDGB0025289028947950158
19:17Buy Now!BizetA cette voix ... Je crois entendre encore ~ Les Pecheurs de perlesKorchak/Theatre San Carlo/FerroUnitel Classica719508814337011956
19:26Buy Now!VerdiMorro, ma prima in grazia ~ Un ballo in mascheraCallas/Paris Conservatory Orchestra/RescignoWarner Classics0825646016112825646016112
19:34Buy Now!RossiniLa danzaFlorez/Avital/Gioachino Rossini Philharmonic/TenanDecca478 8408028947884088
19:39Buy Now!BizetLeila! Leila! ~ Les pecheurs des perles (The Pearl Fishers)Ciofi/Korchak/San Carlo/FerroUnitel Classica719508814337011956
19:50Buy Now!OffenbachScintille diamant (Dapertutto's aria) ~ Les contes d'Hoffman (The Tales of Hoffman)Warren/Victor Symphony/PelletierLWC Leonard Warren FoundationLWC-1 / LWC-2659279111124
19:56Buy Now!CatalaniEbben?... Ne andro lontana ~ La WallyNetrebko/Orchestra St. Cecilia/PappanoDGB0025289028947950158
20:02Buy Now!DelibesLes filles de CadixMartinez/Prague Philharmonia/MercurioSony Classical88985 39669889853966929
20:08Buy Now!BizetAu fond du temple saint ~ Les pecheurs des perles (The Pearl Fishers)Korchak/Solari/San Carlo/FerroUnitel Classica719508814337011956
20:15Buy Now!BelliniSi, vincemmo ~ Il pirataHvorostovsky/Philharmonia/MarinPhilips Digital Classics434 912028943491228
20:23Buy Now!PucciniIn questa reggia ~ TurandotNetrebko/Eyvazov/St. Cecilia/PappanoDGB0025289028947950158
20:32Buy Now!BerliozNature immense ~ La Damnation de FaustHymel/Prague Philharmonia/VillaumeWarner Classics0825646179503825646179503
20:40Buy Now!BizetL'orage s'est calme ~ Les pecheurs des perles (The Pearl Fishers)Solari/Theatre San Carlo/FerroUnitel Classica719508814337011956
20:50Buy Now!LeharDein ist mein ganzes Herz ~ Das Land des LacheinsDomingo/May Musical of Florence/Rome Opera Theatre/MehtaDecca478 8601028947886013
20:55Buy Now!GounodAh! Je veux vivre dans le reve (Ariette) ~ Romeo et JulietteFleming/London Philharmonic/MackerrasDeccaB0015661028947829478
21:02Buy Now!DonizettiAh! mes amis... ~ La Fille du regimentFlorez/Verdi Symphony Orchestra & Chorus of Milan/FrizzaDeccaB0000031028947344025
21:13Buy Now!BizetO Dieu Brahma ~ Les pecheurs des perles (The Pearl Fishers)Ciofi/Korchak/San Carlo/FerroUnitel Classica719508814337011956
21:23Buy Now!PonchielliCielo e mar! ~ La giocondaDomingo/Orchestra of the German Opera, Berlin/SantiMHS512403Ln/a
21:32Buy Now!Wagner"Hoho! hoho! hohei!" ~ Siegfried (Siegfried's Forging Song)Morris/Siegel/MET/LuisiDG0017249028947906384
21:41Buy Now!PonchielliSuicidio! ~ La giocondaNetrebko/Orchestra St. Cecilia/PappanoDGB0025289028947950158
21:48Buy Now!MozartUn'aura amorosa ~ Cosi fan tutte, K. 588Grigolo/Royal Theatre of Parma/MorandiSony Classical88697911342886979113428
21:56Buy Now!GounodO legere hirondelle ~ MireillePeretyatko/North German RSO/MazzolaSony Classical88883738592888837385923
Music in the Night22:01Buy Now!Vaughan Williams1st mvt (Molto moderato) ~ Symphony No. 3, "Pastoral"London Symphony/ThomsonChandos241-35095115243527
22:13Buy Now!DebussyThe Girl with the Flaxen Hair ~ Preludes, Book IOussetEMI47608077774760881
22:16Buy Now!SibeliusString Quartet in D minor, Op. 56 "Voces intimae"Guarneri QuartetPhilipsD 100104N/A
22:47Buy Now!ScriabinAndante ~ Symphony No. 2 in C minor, Op. 29Scottish National Orchestra/JarviChandos8462N/A
23:00Buy Now!PurcellPavan in G minorTaverner Players/ParrottVeritas45061724354506123
23:04Buy Now!FibichSonatina for Violin and Piano, Op. 27Suk/HalaSupraphon3473099925347321
23:16Buy Now!DvorakString Quartet No. 10 in E flat, Op. 51Kocian QuartetDenon7235N/A
23:51Buy Now!Fill Music: anncr selects