Fall Highlights 2023

Photo from Gallica Digital Library, Public Domain

September 8
Celebration Antonín Dvořák
Czech composer Antonín Dvořák’s musical legacy has roots in both the old and new world. After building his reputation as a composer in Europe, he became the Director of the National Conservatory of Music in New York. There, he wrote two of his most famous works: Symphony No. 9 and Cello Concerto in B Minor. Both works are among the most influential in their forms and are still performed to appreciative audiences in America, Europe, and the rest of the world.

September 11
Patriots’ Day
Patriots’ Day recognizes the display of bravery that occurred on September 11th, 2001, as we remember those who were lost. Our programming will feature works of reflection and remembrance as we commemorate that day.

September 15
High Holy Days
The High Holy Days are introduced by the sound of the shofar welcoming Rosh Hashanah, the New Year. Join The Classical Station at 6:00 p.m. on September 15 for a special program celebrating the beginning of the Jewish year 5784. The holiest day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, starts on the evening of September 24.

September 23
Fall in the Great Outdoors
Art and the outdoors have always been inextricably linked. During the Romantic era, writers, painters, and musicians found that spending time in nature contributed to their creative process and provided inspiration for their work. On this, the first day of fall, enjoy works inspired by or written about the great outdoors, and take The Classical Station’s app with you on your own inspiring journey into nature!

September 30–October 1
Celebrate: The Classical Station’s 45th Anniversary Enjoy some of classical music’s greatest works as we highlight the special relationship between music and dance. This weekend will feature selections from Tchaikovsky, Verdi, and Prokofiev to be heard, enjoyed, and even danced to.

October 19-29
Membership Drive
All of the Great Classical Music you hear on The Classical Station is made possible by the generosity of our listeners. Please join us as we welcome new members, ask current members to renew, and invite all of our listeners to help keep Great Classical Music playing on the air, over the internet, and via our app. You can support the station anytime at TheClassicalStation.org or by calling 800-556-5178

November 23
The Classical Station celebrates a day of gratitude with a collection of soothing works by American composers like Aaron Copland, Amy Beach, William Grant Still, and many more. Enjoy a day of gratitude with family, friends, and The Classical Station.

Request Hours
For selected hours each Friday and Saturday, The Classical Station invites our listeners to request a work that could be the highlight of their day. Let someone across town—or across the globe—know you’re thinking about them by dedicating a favorite composition. Call us at 919-556-0123 or visit our website, TheClassicalStation. org, to reserve your personal part of The Classical Station