Fall 2020 Membership Drive

October 23 – November 1

October 26, 2020

Our Fall Membership Drive begins on Friday morning, October 23 and runs through Sunday evening, November 1. If you have never heard one of our membership drives, then you need to know that we do things a little differently. Yes, we will ask for your financial support to keep our great classical music going. But we keep our breaks short and sweet. And William Woltz, our talented Music Director, creates stunning playlists for you to enjoy. He’s also selected some superb CDs for you to take as your Thank You Gift.

Thank You Gift CDs

See the Thank You Gift page for details.

Besides asking for your financial support, we also ask you to spread the word about our programming. While we have our studios and transmitter here in Wake Forest, North Carolina, we stream our great classical music worldwide on this website, on our app, on satellite, on streaming services, and our partner stations. So, please let friends outside the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area about us. And please ask them to call us at 800-556-5178 so that we can welcome them personally into our family of classical music lovers.