WCPE Out and About: Conversational Pieces — 3.27.11

For this event musicians from the North Carolina Symphony performed live while artists Pete Sack, David Eichenberger, and Georges Le Chevallier created visual responses to the music. The theme for the artworks revolved around the Second Movement from Ravel's String Quartet in F.

WCPE thanks Karen Strittmatter Galvin, violin; Maria Evola, violin; Carrie Fischer, viola; and Lisa Shaughnessy, cello. We thank Pete Sack, David Eichenberger and Georges Le Chevallier. For their support in making this event possible we are grateful to The North Carolina Symphony, Kings Barcade and Jerrys Artarama.

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  • “It was a cool event, unique, perfect sunday!”
    — Joanna C
  • “It was a pleasure working beside you Georges...”
    — Pete Sack
  • “It was great being among you and David, two artists who I really admire.”
    — Georges Le Chevallier
  • “...woah! what a great idea!”
    — Katie G
  • “What a fabulous thing!”
    — Jennifer S
  • A comment about Georges' art: “amazing pieces and such a cool event!”
    — Courtney B