How To Be An Angel For The Classical Station


Our Spring 2019 Membership Drive will begin in a few weeks. The point of our membership drives is to encourage listeners to become supporting members of The Classical Station. Did you know that Angels help us achieve that objective? Well, yes, they do and have done so for many years. Our Angels are amazing listeners who will match your gift to encourage you to support this unique classical music radio station which you enjoy so much.

The way it works is very simple. For example, a listener in Virginia commits $600 to the membership drive. She tells us that she will match 5 contributions of $10 per month. So, once her angel match is met and 5 new members have become Sustaining Members at $10 per month, The Classical Station garners $600 from our Angel and another $600 from the 5 listeners who have become Sustaining Members at the $10 per month level.

Do you want be an Angel during our Spring 2019 Membership Drive? Here's how to make that happen: call us here at the station and let us know that you want to be an Angel with your gift of $300 or more. You can reach us at 800-556-5178 or email us at

You can also become an Angel by making your gift of $300 or more online via our secure server at Just be sure to put in the Comments section of the online Pledge Form that you want to be an Angel.

You also can call the station anytime. 24/7. A live member of staff will take your call and help you with your pledge and any questions you have. Thank you for being an Angel and encouraging other listeners to support The Classical Station!