Dane Bryant Frazier

Dane Bryant Frazier is a composer, conductor, arranger, and musician. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor in Professional Studies degree in Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games. Though music is his passion, he also earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Web Technologies from Wake Technical Community College before attending Berklee.

Dane, coming from a musical family, showed a definite interest in music at an early age. At only 4 years old he began playing his small set of drums to the music of Phil Collins and Yanni. He advanced to playing a full size set of drums at the age of 7. At 12 years old, he decided to teach himself how to play the guitar, having been heavily influenced by Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, David Gilmore, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. After receiving a keyboard as a gift at the age of 15, he began to learn the piano on his own. The piano seemed to attract his attention more and more, and this was the start of his interest in composing music. John Williams is his most admired composer, with the scores, Star Wars, Hook, E.T., Jurassic Park, and Harry Potter being amongst his favorites. In addition, Dane’s Classical music interests were inspired by Tchaikovsky.

As a child, Dane also showed interest in radio announcing.  His siblings remember when he would record on a cassette tape while calling out selections from the radio of his parents’ boom box. His entrepreneurial spirit was equally interested, wanting to create an online radio station as well. As a teenager, Dane’s film compositions were featured on television shows, such as My Carolina Today and The Dr. Weir Show. He was interviewed by WRAL TV veteran, Bill Leslie, in 2016. Other performance opportunities during these years included playing the National Anthem for the Minor League Mudcats and performing at coffee shops.

Dane worked for a retirement center in Wake Forest, performing for residents and guests, during his college years. He was also hired by University of Central Florida students to compose scores to their animated short-films.  A good portion of his time went into his personal and passionate projects of writing his own compositions; he then sought talented musicians found on YouTube to perform his compositions. Once he assembled the virtual orchestra, organized, and edited the project, it was able to be viewed on his website and YouTube.

Though most of Dane’s hobbies relate to music, he is an avid sports fan of baseball and hockey. It is not unusual for him to be watching 2 or 3 games simultaneously in his studio. Family is also very important to him. He spends a lot of time with his siblings, parents, and grandparents. He is fortunate to be living in an area where several of his generations have also lived. Upon graduation from Berklee, Dane saw the opportunity as a radio announcer at The Classical Station. He is excited to be able to continue yet another avenue in music at the radio station.