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WCPE Announces New Community Pages

TheClassicalStation.org Adds Web Section: Out & About

WCPE's Meet The Announcer Audience

Wake Forest, N.C. (January 13, 2011) - WCPE Community & Arts Liaison Tara Lynn announces a new Out and About section to the Web site, TheClassicalStation.org. Featured on this page will be WCPE social events and connections to the station's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“The Out & About page will help our local listeners connect with us in the community,” says Lynn. “It will include information about events WCPE sponsors, organizes and attends.”

“We will also recap events in the new WCPE Local Arts Series, a collaboration with Quail Ridge," she continues. ”WCPE will continue to be more active in promoting community classical music events, education and performers.”

The Classical Station's Facebook page allows listeners to learn more about the music, the station, the announcers and what's happening in the world of classical music at large. It provides listeners with a direct connection to the announcers in the studio and allows them to leave a message for the announcer. Through Facebook, WCPE's listeners are able to connect with each other and WCPE frequently encourages them to share their thoughts on the music.

On Twitter, WCPE followers receive and share insights from announcers and regular updates about the radio station's playlist. With this networking site, listeners are encouraged to share feedback or listen to what others are saying about Great Classical Music on WCPE in 140-or-fewer characters.

WCPE’s 24/7 live broadcast of Great Classical Music can be accessed around the globe in several ways; on-line streaming in multiple formats, including IPv6, local cable television systems and traditional radio broadcasting. A complete list of the ways WCPE is available with instructions for cable and satellite reception can be found at this link.

In central North Carolina and southern Virginia, WCPE is found on the radio at 89.7 FM.

About the Local Arts Series:

WCPE's new Local Arts Series, in collaboration with Quail Ridge Books and Music, invites arts groups to talk about their contributions to the community and provide an excerpt from an upcoming performance. Each event in the series is designed to be as entertaining as it is educational and includes a performance aspect. WCPE and Quail Ridge Books and Music both look forward to working with more arts groups in the future and, together, focusing on community educational efforts. All of the events in the series are free and open to the public.

About WCPE:

With a 30 plus year history, WCPE 89.7 FM is a non-commercial, 100 percent listener-supported, independent station dedicated to excellence in Great Classical Music broadcasting. Community-minded business underwriters and foundations are among the 150,000 listeners in the North Carolina broadcast area. General Manager Deborah S. Proctor’s leadership has enabled the WCPE community to include national and worldwide listeners. Big and small dish home satellite transmissions serve North America. Other radio stations and cable television systems use these services to rebroadcast Great Classical Music, 24 Hours A Day. WCPE is one of the first public broadcasters to stream on the Internet. WCPE is heard worldwide on the Internet in multiple formats, including the next generation IPv6. Because WCPE receives no tax-derived support, the station conducts two on-air fundraising campaigns and two major mail-out campaigns per year to raise needed operating funds. For more information, visit TheClassicalStation.Org or call 1-800-556-5178.

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