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WCPE offers 2 wonderful opportunities each week to hear the best in opera... Thursday nights at 7pm, and Saturday afternoons at 1:30 (when the Met is in season.) The WCPE Opera House has been a regular Thursday night feature at WCPE since April of 1980. On Saturday afternoons during the Met season, tune in for live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera.

On December 4th, 2008, Bob Chapman became only the third host in the history of the WCPE Opera House, succeeding Robert Galbraith. Bob is an experienced opera singer himself, and continues to use his wealth of experience and talents to bring the very best works of opera to our listeners with his show.

If you wish to email Bob Chapman, please click here!

WCPE Opera House Schedule for Winter 2015:

Thursdays at 7pm with host Bob Chapman

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  • December 3
    Harbison's The Great Gatsby
    This adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel recounts the rise and fall of Jay Gatsby (Hadley) and his love for Daisy Buchanan (Upshaw), wife of the brutish Tom (Baker).

  • December 10
    Berlioz's Benvenuto Cellini
    If Cellini (Gedda) can cast a bronze statue of Perseus by the end of Mardi Gras, Pope Clement VII (Soyer) will forgive his crimes and allow him to marry Teresa (Eda-Pierre), daughter of the papal treasurer.

  • December 17
    Beethoven's Fidelio
    Disguised as a man, Leonore (Janowitz) rescues husband Florestan (Kollo) from prison, where he's being held by Don Pizarro (Sotin). (From the Ruocchio Archives.)

  • December 24
    Christmas Eve at the Opera House
    Past and present opera stars sing sacred seasonal favorites.

  • December 31
    Offenbach's La Vie Parisienne
    This tangled tale of flirtatious masquerading and romantic intriguing has irresponsible men-abouttown, fashionable courtesans, aristocratic visitors looking for a good time, and a motley assortment of flamboyant characters.

  • January 7
    Keiser's Croesus
    King Croesus of Lydia (Trekel) is insulted when the philosopher Solon (Youn) says that riches don't necessarily bring happiness. Persian King Cyrus (Mannov) threatens to execute Croesus but eventually relents.

  • January 14
    Vives's Doña Francisquita
    Francisquita (Arteta) is in love with would-be poet Fernando (Domingo), who's infatuated with fiery actress Aurora la Beltrana (Mirabal), who in turn is the lover of Lorenzo Pérez (Álvarez).

  • January 21
    Massenet's Thaïs
    Monk Athanaël (Hampson) wants to convert courtesan Thaïs (Fleming) to Christianity, but discovers too late that his obsession with her is rooted in lust. (From the Ruocchio Archives.)

  • January 28
    Mozart's Ascanio in Alba
    Venus (Windsor) promises the Arcadian nymph Silvia (Feldman) to her grandson Ascanio (Chance), who turns out to be the man of Silvia's dreams.

  • February 4
    Mendelssohn's Die Hochzeit des Camacho
    Carrasco (Wild) wants to force daughter Quitieria (Hofmann), in love with Basilio (Weir), to marry neighbor Camacho (Van der Meel).

  • February 11
    Cavalli's La Calisto
    Jove (Lippi) comes to earth to claim former goddess Calisto (Bayo), who's become one of Diana's (Mantovani) nymphs.

  • February 18
    Ponchielli's La Gioconda
    Street singer Gioconda (Tebaldi) loves banished nobleman Grimaldo (Bergonzi), who's in love with Alvise's (Ghiuselev) wife Laura (Horne). Bad guy Barnaba (Merrill) denounces Grimaldo. Complicated plot; lots of great tunes. (From the Ruocchio Archives.)

  • February 25
    Rodgers's Carousel; Wright & Forrest's Kismet
    Carnival barker Billy Bigelow (Ramey) captivates and marries naive millworker Julie Jordan (Cook). Beggar Hajj (Ramey) drowns the evil Wazir (DeLuise), catches the eye of the Wazir's voluptuous wife Lalume (Migenes), and sees his daughter Marsinah (Swenson) wed to the handsome Caliph (Hadley).

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