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WCPE offers 2 wonderful opportunities each week to hear the best in opera... Thursday nights at 7pm, and Saturday afternoons at 1:30 (when the Met is in season.) The WCPE Opera House has been a regular Thursday night feature at WCPE since April of 1980. On Saturday afternoons during the Met season, tune in for live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera.

On December 4th, 2008, Bob Chapman became only the third host in the history of the WCPE Opera House, succeeding Robert Galbraith. Bob is an experienced opera singer himself, and continues to use his wealth of experience and talents to bring the very best works of opera to our listeners with his show.

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WCPE Opera House Schedule for Fall 2016:

Thursdays at 7pm with host Bob Chapman

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  • September 1 Bellini's Norma
    Norma (Sutherland) is in a love triangle with her best friend Adalgisa (Horne) and the father of her children, Pollione (Alexander).

  • September 8 Dvoˇrák's Rusalka
    Water sprite Rusalka (Fleming) falls in love with a mortal prince (Heppner) and wants to take on human form. Warned by father Vodnik (Hawlata) of the dangers of such a transformation, Rusalka nevertheless seeks help from the witch Ježibaba (Zajick).

  • September 15 Bellini's Adelson e Salvini
    A foiled abduction, a castle-threatening inferno, romantic infatuation, guilt-laden near-suicide, gunshots, and knife blows are features of Bellini's first opera.

  • September 22 Wagner's Der Fliegende Holländer
    Condemned to sail the seas forever, the Dutchman (Adam) comes ashore once every seven years to find a faithful woman (Silja). (From the Ruocchio Archives.)

  • September 29 Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice
    With help from the goddess of love, Amore (Duval), Orpheus (Ferrier) attempts to retrieve his dead wife Euridice (Koeman) from Hades. Schreker's Flammen, Ullmann's Der

  • October 6 Kaiser von Atlantis, & Krása's Brundibár
    In observance of the High Holidays, we present three 20th-century operas by Jewish composers whose works were banned by the Nazis.

  • October 13 Franchetti's Cristoforo Colombo
    Encouraged by Queen Isabella (Ragatzu), Columbus (Bruson) leads a naval expedition to America, despite opposition by Spanish authorities.

  • October 20 Puccini's Tosca
    Tosca (Tebaldi) sells herself to Scarpia (London) in order to save her painter boyfriend Cavaradossi (Del Monaco)—only to be doublecrossed by the sleazy Roman police chief. (From the Ruocchio Archives.)

  • October 27 Fall Membership Drive
    Bob Chapman and Rob Kennedy play recent recordings as you pledge your support for the Opera House.

  • November 3 Offenbach's La Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein
    A sultry grand duchess (Valentini-Terrani) with an eye for attractive young men promotes private Fritz (Allemano) to general, but he's engaged to Wanda (Di Censo) and has ideas of his own, forcing her to settle for foppish Prince Paul (Plaza).

  • November 10 Handel's Faramondo
    The legendary and benevolent Frankish King Faramondo (Fortunato) is a lifelong rival of Gustavo (Castaldi), leader of a tribe called the Cimbrians. Pawns in their personal enmity are Faramondo's sister Clotilde (Baird) and Gustavo's daughter Rosimonda (Lane).

  • November 17 Ward's The Crucible
    Arthur Miller's McCarthy-era play about the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials won the 1962 Pulitzer Prize for Durham composer Robert Ward (1917–2013). (From the Ruocchio Archives.)

  • November 24 Mozart's Don Giovanni
    Libertine Don Giovanni (Schmidt), aided by servant Leporello (Yurisich), tries to seduce Donna Anna (Halgrimson) but kills her father the Commendatore (Miles)—who ultimately takes the Don to Hell.

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