WCPE Features: Great Sacred Music


Tune in every Sunday morning for over 3 hours of inspirational music! Starting at 7:30 it's Sing for Joy, followed by Great Sacred Music at 8am (Eastern).



Sing for Joy!

Sundays at 7:30am (Eastern)
Wake up to the inspiring music with Sing for Joy, featuring choral music from around the nation.

Every week Sing for Joy is heard on over 250 radio stations nationwide. A defining trait of Sing For Joy is basing each week's music on the scriptural lessons specified in the common lectionary. Visit the Sing for Joy website.



Great Sacred Music

Sundays from 8am-11am (Eastern)
Beautiful and inspirational music from WCPE, with your host Rob Kennedy.


“For Bach all music is sacred. The tones do not die but ascend to God as praise too deep for utterance.” — from Bach by Albert Schweitzer


Spring Highlights:


  • March 2 Bach: Motet BWV 226
    Robert Schumann: Missa Sacra

  • March 9 Bach: Missa Brevis 233
    Leo Sowerby: The Throne of God

  • March 16 Bach: Motet BWV 227
    Dominick Argento: Jonah and the Whale

  • March 23 Bach: Cantata 54
    Gabriel Fauré: Requiem

  • March 30 Bach: Missa Brevis 236
    John Rutter: Requiem

  • April 6 Bach: Motet BWV 229
    Horatio Parker: Hora Novissima

  • April 13 Bach: Cantata 82
    Ernest Bloch: Sacred Service

  • April 20 Bach: Easter Oratorio
    Hector Berlioz: Te Deum

  • April 27 Bach: Cantata 42
    Leoš Janácˇek: Glagolitic Mass

  • May 4 Bach: Cantata 104
    Edward Elgar: The Apostles

  • May 11 Bach: Cantata 103
    Antonin Dvorˇák: Mass in D Major

  • May 18 Bach: Cantata 166
    Frederick Delius: A Mass of Life

  • May 25 Bach: Cantata 86
    Franz Schubert: Mass in E-flat


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