Tara  Lynn
Tara Lynn
Host of "Sleepers, Awake"

I'm a 20-something young lady who loves good, clean fun. You can win me over pretty easily with a solid joke. However, if you ask for one in return, you'll find the humor lies in my attempt to tell a joke. I get stuck in the details.

Incidentally, what IS a forest, but a bunch of trees? I'm sure I'll grow old, but never grow up enough to stop getting excited about the little things. When I was little, I wanted to spend my life living behind a camera in JFK airport... taking pictures of luggage, hands, toes and noses. Not surprisingly, I majored in cultural anthropology and African studies at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. After college, I've continued learning and started teaching, from health clubs to elementary schools. I've stockpiled books from Oxford to Barnes. I plan to begin learning about documentaries next. Hopefully I'll be able to continue sharing what excites me with others!